talkDOTA: 6.75, SirScoots on the show!

posted by Blue_Knight, 3 years ago
Another week, another episode - joinDOTA, in partnership with Alienware, present episode four of talkDOTA, on air tonight! This time we welcome one of the original big personalities in eSports as our special guest: none other than us Scott 'SirScoots' Smith, one of the hosts of Live On 3 - oh, and just the COO of us Evil Geniuses.

SirScoots will be joining the broadcast in part two of the episode to talk about all things eSports, but only after our regular hosts - au Toby 'TobiWanKenobi' Dawson, dk Troels 'syndereN' Nielsen and ee Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov - discuss this week's fresh hot topic in-depth: DotA version 6.75.

SirScoots doing... Erm...

As ever, your hosts and our esteemed guest will be taking questions from you, the viewer, in the third and final part of the show. Remember: questions will ONLY be up for consideration if posted in the comments of this news post and addressed to a specific panelist. For example: "@Tobi: What does it take to be a good caster?"

So what are you waiting for? Post your questions now, and tune in here, tonight, at 22:00 CEST to catch talkDOTA live!

Oh, and as teaser, we'll have se Tomas 'Greykarn' Hermansson, Head of eSports for se DreamHack, on as our guest for next week's show. Keep your eyes peeled on joinDOTA for more details soon.

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Mooob wrote at 02.10.2012, 01:22 CEST:
didnt you say the organizer of dreamhack was coming?
SqLSHKA wrote at 02.10.2012, 01:22 CEST:
FIRST! -_^
goofygoobers wrote at 02.10.2012, 01:23 CEST:
neurosx wrote at 02.10.2012, 01:27 CEST:
Fuck yeah scoots :D
mYnick wrote at 02.10.2012, 01:29 CEST:
scoots isnt the ceo, hes the coo
alex garfield is the ceo of evil geniuses
Shibbywan wrote at 02.10.2012, 01:29 CEST:
haha scoots with that dirty money :)
SketchBook wrote at 02.10.2012, 01:30 CEST:
@SirScoots, Stephano lost in Dreamhack Valencia, so the EG curse is REAL?
DemonBlade wrote at 02.10.2012, 01:33 CEST:
@Puppey and @syndereN Do you think Icefrog should keep coming up with new heroes or do we have to make do with the already existent?
Nioubis wrote at 02.10.2012, 01:37 CEST:
@Synd How do u see the cog/forcestaf fix for Clock do you think its enaugh for him to return in the competitive or does it need to refix that you cant forcestaf at all when you are inside cogs?
Also Loda was asked in his stream if hes gona join an european team and he answered he could join mTw if syndereN play only support whats your oppinion about that? :)
@Puppey I was watching some old Kingsurf.Int videos on youtube and saw Jolie what ever happend to him he got married or something does he still play dota?

edited by Nioubis at 02.10.2012, 17:51 CEST
hedcenforever wrote at 02.10.2012, 01:37 CEST:
what do you guys think about the new 6.75 map?
the good and the bad?
and do you think the implementation of this new map on dota 1 will transfer in dota 2 sooner than expected?
Thanks, huge fan of both mTw and Na'Vi and Toby :))
Vegasz wrote at 02.10.2012, 01:38 CEST:
@Puppey and Synderen:
With the changes in the Drafting method, will Support Heroes have a much larger priority in the first picking phase, so that teams don't ban 3 or even 6 supporters in the second ban stage?

edited by Vegasz at 02.10.2012, 23:36 CEST
kaskade00 wrote at 02.10.2012, 01:38 CEST:
@SirScoots, what is happening to your Dota team's roster? Are Bulba and Universe not under contractual obligations?
Onin wrote at 02.10.2012, 01:40 CEST:
@Synd/Puppey: On a scale of 1 to Lycan, how OP will Naga Siren, Invoker, Darkseer, Furion and Rubick stay despite 6.75 changes?
a16 wrote at 02.10.2012, 01:42 CEST:
@Everyone who wants to answer : Many starcraft teams have team houses for the players to live in and practice with each other. I personally believe dota 2 teams are currently lacking the sponsors and exposure for this to be viable but do any of you see this happening for dota 2 teams in the near future? If it happens, do you think the teams with houses will improve greatly over other teams?
Luffydude wrote at 02.10.2012, 01:43 CEST:
@Puppey: Will you start playing Alchemist now??
@Synderen: Are the latest buffs enough for the unused DPS heroes to get picked (I'm specifically talking about Drow, OD, PL and Sniper)
@Tobi: What do you think about the nerf to Black Hole? Will it affect your screaming in any way ?

@Puppey: Will you give Dendi more carry ES? moar totems = moar Naix smash in the face
@Synd: Just how viable is the new EBlade now?
@Tobi: What do you think about the legs nerf to AM? Do you think he got nerfed too hard?
Nomad. wrote at 02.10.2012, 01:43 CEST:
@Synderen/Puppey: Thoughts on Sadist (Necrolye passive) rework?
Lazermon wrote at 02.10.2012, 01:45 CEST:
Since you sometimes play wisp, can you explain your view of the hero and why you choose the itembuild(s) you do? I've noticed that pretty much every professional Wisp-player has a different style and item-build with the hero. (also, how huge is the regen tether buff?)
tharcysio wrote at 02.10.2012, 01:47 CEST:
@puppey and synd: Can you guys give your opinion about the new -cm mode with 2-3 bans. What you guys think about a 6th ban ?
Tzar wrote at 02.10.2012, 01:49 CEST:
Considering you are the COO of a major gaming organization, what's your opinion about the value that your Dota 2 squad brings to your organization compared to the other games, and when do you think the wages for pro players in Dota 2 will get to a similar level as SC2 for example?
TreZc0_ wrote at 02.10.2012, 01:50 CEST:
@Puppey and Synd -
Do you think the Bane Buff (especially the enfeeble stuff) is a huge thing in terms of his pick frequency?

Are you willing to do a weekly karaoké-show on jD? It would be the most viewed show on the internet!
chinatown81592 wrote at 02.10.2012, 01:51 CEST:
@Tobi Will you ever get Synd/Puppey to join you on Minecraft?
@SirScoots What are your thoughts on the Dota 2 scene in North America? Does the future paint a bright picture on NA DoTA or is it a grim picture?
@Puppey/Synd/Tobi If you could have one last meal what would it be?
muyfeo wrote at 02.10.2012, 01:55 CEST:
@puppey/synd how often should icefrog provide new content once dota 2 is released ie. new heroes/balance changes.
Inujini wrote at 02.10.2012, 01:56 CEST:
@Synd: Any progress on the new mtw or are you still the sole member?
@All: What do you think of the change to aegis timer in 6.75?
Stobor wrote at 02.10.2012, 02:00 CEST:
@Anyone: How do you feel these changes should be implemented in dota 2. With so many tournaments going on each month this patch is just bound to be implemented in the middle of some tournament and screw with team strategies.

edited by Stobor at 02.10.2012, 02:05 CEST
Trock wrote at 02.10.2012, 02:01 CEST:
@tobi it always seems u do not read the chat :( It would be awesome if you could try to read the chat more during games! :)

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