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posted by Harpoon, 3 years ago
This Tuesday, we at joinDOTA, in partnership with Alienware, will be bringing you yet another amazing episode of talkDOTA. This week's guest will be gb James '2GD' Harding of the GD Studio and you will not want to miss it!

As always, the show will focus on current events and news. Hosting the show will be none other than au Toby 'TobiWanKenobi' Dawson along with dk Troels 'syndereN' Nielsen and ee Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov. Victory Cat may also be spotted during the show.

talkDOTA will follow the same format as last week, with a weekly wrap-up at the beginning of the show followed by discussions among the panel.

Finally, the show will end with questions from the community. Just like last week, questions will ONLY be up for consideration if posted in this news and addressed to the particular panelist. For example:"@Tobi: What does it take to be a good caster?" So what are you waiting for? Post your questions now!

Tune in here at 22:00 CEST on Tuesday to catch talkDOTA live!

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Inujini wrote at 25.09.2012, 01:14 CEST:
@Tobi: What happened to the Weekly Top 5? and does joinDota have any plans to bring it back?
chinatown81592 wrote at 25.09.2012, 01:15 CEST:
@James What ever happened to SingSing's jacket in the end?
Lactose wrote at 25.09.2012, 01:15 CEST:
Tell him to get his hair cut.
thyL wrote at 25.09.2012, 01:18 CEST:
Did ppy and syndereN ever thought about solo mid Techies in competetive DotA and if not: WTF, WHY?

Also (on a more serious note): What do all of you guys think about the 'scandal' about Anderson selling International-stuff?
Tomken wrote at 25.09.2012, 01:18 CEST:
@James How was the flight with TargA?!?!

edited by Tomken at 25.09.2012, 22:54 CEST
Nioubis wrote at 25.09.2012, 01:19 CEST:
@Tobi @Synd @Puppey What is your oppinion on some custom made scripts that allow invoker to invoke skills with 1 press of a button or even worse meepo to dagger net poof with 1 press of a button.Do u think valve must do something about this is it considered unfair(cheat) for other players that dont have this scripts?
And what do u think about meepo is he gona be used in competitive?


edited by Nioubis at 25.09.2012, 01:38 CEST
xMxgxZx wrote at 25.09.2012, 01:19 CEST:
Inujini wrote:
@Tobi: What happened to the Weekly Top 5? and does joinDota have any plans to bring it back?

daskad wrote at 25.09.2012, 01:19 CEST:

Who is your top favourit to win Starladder, and what do you think about the new teams chances?
whatgoat wrote at 25.09.2012, 01:22 CEST:
no pyrion flax bullshit this time please
TreZc0_ wrote at 25.09.2012, 01:22 CEST:
@Tobi: Does jD think about hiring another caster permanently? I mean, you always can get sick or there could be several games at a time. It made the impression you wanted to go that way with Epi.
xkieth wrote at 25.09.2012, 01:23 CEST:
talk about serious issues, it gets me really interested, specially the Love is in the Air issue.
PengiZ wrote at 25.09.2012, 01:23 CEST:
Got to ask the same question i did last time. Why didn't u pick Pudge in the later stage of The IT2?
I'm sure u got a good answer for it and i'm simply asking why.. :)

Got to edit that i'm very sure that this is a question i am not the only one who is wondering about!

Keep up the good work with DotaTalk!
hedcenforever wrote at 25.09.2012, 01:24 CEST:
@Tobi,synd,ppy: as the release of dota 2 becomes imminent, do you have any cool new strats in mind? if yes then please expand on it... for example, different hero roles that you can use with certain heroes :) thanks
Micha_teh_Moron wrote at 25.09.2012, 01:26 CEST:
this show needs more pyrion flax :D
twistling wrote at 25.09.2012, 01:26 CEST:
@Tobi, Synderen and Puppey.

This is a balance question and what you think of this perticular element of DotA balancing.

DotA features about 10-15 heroes which in my opinion have an insanely bigger map control and/or game control aspect. My examples of this is Tinker's ultimate which grants him the full map potential, Furions teleport which can be placed ANYWHERE on the map with just a bit more cd than for example Voids 1000-ish ranged jump (which sounds kinda funny when you think of the insane contrast), and lets say Morphling with his insane potential of tankiness, damage output both in late and early game bursts, map control/long range prescence and 2 escape mechanisms.

Contrast ANY of these three heroes with most of the hero pool and you can really see that most heroes don't have such insane grasp of the map and gameplay. Morphling, being that carry type that he is for example outshines almost every other ranged carry prescence-wise.

So, What are your opinions of having about 15% of the hero pool having so much more potential of effectivity than the rest?

(my opinion: It's kind of retarded balance-wise, but it makes for insanely fun plays).
josipinho93 wrote at 25.09.2012, 01:28 CEST:
at #12, pudge was always baned against navi :D
Skim wrote at 25.09.2012, 01:28 CEST:
@2GD: who has the thickest chest hair? You or Bruno?

@all: There are rumors about a certain player playing for a certain team, without any official statements. Everybody know who he is, but everybody is denying it officially. Don't you think it's rather unprofessional that some teams don't make any statement at all, even though there have been huge changes over the past 3-4 weeks?

@Puppey: Team Empire as well as Moscow Five have been playing a lot like Na'Vi has in "their prime". Aggressive early game and pushes. While this is typically Russian, they have managed to play with some sort of structure without throwing the game. What do you think about the development in the Russian scene?

@Tobi: You've been casting a lot with Draskyl lately and shown some great synergy with him. Could you see the two of you as a consistent caster duo? (with some exceptions for when certain Pro Players are available)

@Puppey+syndereN: Some people say, or most people say, a captain should be in the role of the Supporter, because he can pay more attention to the state of the map and coordinate the teams movement. This is - supposedly - also the reason why you syndereN switched the captains slot with 7cking Mad and Kebap for a few matches. Is it really that important, or is it just that Supporters have proven to have the best insight and strategies?
terrortant wrote at 25.09.2012, 01:30 CEST:
2gd do you like the swedish pizzas?

and how is reborn coming along?

edited by terrortant at 25.09.2012, 22:07 CEST
joindoto wrote at 25.09.2012, 01:32 CEST:
@ synd and ppy
in terms of current competitive drafting is huskar ever on the table/ on anyones mind? have u guys picked him during a scrim? what are the limitations of the hero that prevent competitive viability
porgupojad wrote at 25.09.2012, 01:38 CEST:
@Puppey - You gave a interview to Estonian newspaper and said you have been invited to actually work as a co-caster in joinDOTA , did you troll the newspaper or is it true?
Monkasnb wrote at 25.09.2012, 01:40 CEST:
The dota 2 scene is growing on Brazil and some teams are making their way through international tourneys outside brazil. like CNB, Paingaming and some others. I wanna know what do u guys think about brazilian players and teams. If one of you knows something about it or ever played aganist then. THx... and i would love see puppey imitate playmate like he did once, in a interview. S2

edited by Monkasnb at 25.09.2012, 21:54 CEST
StormTrooper wrote at 25.09.2012, 01:40 CEST:
@Tobi: what happened to the maelk award for this international?
totalvidar wrote at 25.09.2012, 01:40 CEST:
To all: design a new hero ))
Merwin wrote at 25.09.2012, 01:40 CEST:
@Puppey: Last show you guys talked about Roshan, which made me think: what if we had a Roshan pit top on Radiant's side like we currently do for Dire's, and have him spawn randomly like the runes, do you think it would make the "Roshan issue" less of a problem? Thanks for reading my question!
VixenIxy wrote at 25.09.2012, 01:42 CEST:
@Puppey, @syndereN - how serious or not serious does everyone treat Starladder this close to TI2? Do you think that with so many 'standins' it is just a training exercise with prize money?
@Tobiwan - are you homesick? Spring back here in Aus and it will be beach weather soon! P.s make this a podcast <3 and get a female player to guest one week!

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