talkDOTA starts tonight!

posted by Blue_Knight, 3 years ago
It's been mooted, then announced, then delayed and probably even cancelled at some point... But now, finally, joinDOTA – in partnership with Alienware - is proud to declare that talkDOTA is ready to go – tonight at 22:00 CEST!

The Dota-centric broadcast will be a weekly production about topical news and events, with each episode running for approximately 90 minutes, and of course, the series will be hosted by none other than au Toby 'TobiWanKenobi' Dawson. And, signed-up to join him for each episode will be perhaps the most charismatic and insightful pair we could ever ask for - dk Troels 'syndereN' Nielsen – and ee Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov, team captains of eu mTw and ua Natus Vincere respectively!

syndereN, TobiWan, Puppey and guest star Stat Man Bruno

On tonight's inaugural show, which will be divided into three parts, the talkative trio will be of course discussing The International 2012 in retrospect.

Part one will be centred around the event's production and related media – and as an added bonus for you all, it will also feature a guest appearance by Dota Academy's ar Bruno 'Wicked' 'Stat Man' Carlucci, who was of course part of the panel in Seattle.

In part two of the show, the hosts will discuss the post-Seattle 'fallout', which covers topics such as team instability, roster changes, the difference in prize money, and pressure on organisations and sponsors.

And finally, in the third part of the episode, Toby, syndereN and Puppey will be answering calls and questions from you, the audience! Leave your questions in the comments below, or to be in with a chance of having your call taken live on-air, just add "talkDOTA" to your Skype contacts!

So, don't forget, things kick-off tonight at 22:00 CEST, right here on joinDOTA. Tune in then!

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Stryker191 wrote at 11.09.2012, 14:47 CEST:
Daffi wrote at 11.09.2012, 14:48 CEST:
homesick21 wrote at 11.09.2012, 14:50 CEST:
AbyssForEvar wrote at 11.09.2012, 14:50 CEST:
Why do you think the crowd didn't cheer for IG when they got the aegis like they did for Na'vi playing?
achiko wrote at 11.09.2012, 14:50 CEST:
Question for part 3:
Puppey, do you see yourself captaining a more international squad again if some of your teammates decide to retire or in case you guys break up?
WaeSoANGELIC wrote at 11.09.2012, 14:51 CEST:
Omg Stats man! ^^
pingeee wrote at 11.09.2012, 14:51 CEST:
This "live on-air" might be a bad idea and could lead to many awkward moments. Could be hilarious as well though. You're better off picking questions off the stream chat or reddit thread or something.
sodoMIXER wrote at 11.09.2012, 14:52 CEST:
Awesome! I will turn in fore sure!
Vilden wrote at 11.09.2012, 14:54 CEST:
F*cking awesome!
Skim wrote at 11.09.2012, 14:56 CEST:
GREAT! Finally :)
I think what people are most interested in, is issues mTw is having. There are rumors about disbandment or people leaving. Since I doubt syndereN will say anything to that, I'm going to ask another question:
Puppey: Will we see another Nyx Assassin from you?
Tobi: Some people, as well as 2GD, have suggested that the International needs some sort of host, because the panel alone is not that entertaining. Do you agree and can you see yourself doing that while commentating?
syndereN: How hard is it to draft against Puppey? Is it any different from drafting against other captains or do you always consider the crazy stuff he might be pulling?
Robot wrote at 11.09.2012, 14:58 CEST:
awesome ... but there is one flaw in this whole streaming thing ... I DON'T EVEN HAVE TIME TO PLAY THE GAME because i want to see it all ...
CazadoR wrote at 11.09.2012, 14:58 CEST:
So my 2 favorite guys in dota 2 a noob and icefrog?:D
Cleon wrote at 11.09.2012, 14:58 CEST:
What was the original tactic/plan with the nyx assassin you wanted to achieve? -puppey
DriesnMajoor wrote at 11.09.2012, 14:59 CEST:
So what happened to the Raidcall League Match between Na'Vi and Mouz? Was it cancelled because of Puppey being on TalkDota? I don't mind by the way.
Munja wrote at 11.09.2012, 15:05 CEST:
Did you find the victory ceremony to be a bit underwhelming compared to the rest of TI2?
DonaldDuckk wrote at 11.09.2012, 15:09 CEST:
Dear Puppey and syndereN, how would one go about to start playing competetivly if you don't have a team? It's hard to find good people, pubs doesn't cut it and it seems there are no inhouses available at the moment either like there was in Dota1. How do you get your name out there if you can't find people for a team? Is it impossible?
YamexQ wrote at 11.09.2012, 15:09 CEST:
fisheer wrote at 11.09.2012, 15:10 CEST:
Delete the "answering calls" part, its more entertaining to listen to them talking than ppl asking dumb questions. If you want questions - get ppl to submit them before and have some1 select valid ones.
I_am_your_fan wrote at 11.09.2012, 15:13 CEST:
Nyx was picked cause of kotl
Hamycta wrote at 11.09.2012, 15:15 CEST:
Well, maybe some of you guys can confirm if he saw Icefrog during TI2?!? Or it's still a mistery for everyone else besides guys working at Valve. :D
kalamatis wrote at 11.09.2012, 15:16 CEST:
BRUNO!!!!!!!!... da fuq man. I miss yahhH!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
sea_guy wrote at 11.09.2012, 15:18 CEST:
this is the most godlike thing
O_xD wrote at 11.09.2012, 15:19 CEST:
Puppey: why no silencer in finals. Would've worked better than NA in that case.
strachi wrote at 11.09.2012, 15:19 CEST:
Bruno is the icefrog and i can cofirm that with proof ! add: strachinaruadrian on skype !
Merwin wrote at 11.09.2012, 15:20 CEST:
As we've seen in "the international" the competitive hero pool seems to be really small where we stand as far the "metagame" is right now, we saw an awful lot of morphling,lone druid, magina and templar assassin being naga and lycan banned 90% of the games for the carry role and venomancer being picked 90% of the games aswell as tidehunter, rubick, leshrac and darkseer. Do your think those heroes fit the current metagame better or are they just really good in general? Should other heroes be buffed into this pool or some of them are just made for public casual games? Thank you for your time!

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