The Defense Strikes Back

posted by TobiWanKenobi, 3 years ago
From the maker of the youtube hit 'Once Upon the Defense' comes the sequel 'The Defense Strikes Back', cz Jan "son1" Švajgr displays some of the best moments from the second season of the Defense.

The next season is not far away and clips like this will not only get you pumped up for the next round, but let you experience the unbelievable plays from many of the players you will see over the next week in The International.

Sources: Defense Website

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Deity wrote at 24.08.2012, 23:15 CEST:
Derezzed wrote at 24.08.2012, 23:17 CEST:
OMG Yesssssss!
dwerhs wrote at 24.08.2012, 23:21 CEST:
what a black holesssss!!!.... also nice furion by jeyo hahaha
Macabre25 wrote at 24.08.2012, 23:22 CEST:
Just a movie about blackholes.
hath*LaZy wrote at 24.08.2012, 23:34 CEST:
it made me moist
Nintendan wrote at 24.08.2012, 23:39 CEST:
Love the 2:55 play. If I recall moments before tobi said EG really needed a one two combo to do anything, then they have it.
dmage wrote at 24.08.2012, 23:41 CEST:
Too many black hole clips. Not that they aren't epic but a little variety would be nice.
kalamatis wrote at 24.08.2012, 23:44 CEST:
Trock wrote at 24.08.2012, 23:52 CEST:
nice plays, editing + music was awesome, also thank you for choosing mostly moments where tobi screams his soul out. not as many as defense1, but great job all in all :)

cant wait to hear tobi at TI2. will he live up the expectations from previous tournaments like ti1 and defense 1 or will his voice die before it even starts?

JohnyUltrah wrote at 24.08.2012, 23:57 CEST:
blackhole , blackhole and more blackhole.....sing sing`s scape was the only one best part
Me4onyX wrote at 24.08.2012, 23:57 CEST:
in short
black hole black hole black hole black hole black hole black hole black hole black hole black hole black hole black hole black hole black hole black hole black hole jeyo bd
nice movie
Invasor wrote at 24.08.2012, 23:59 CEST:
meh. well it's a good video i guess but the first one was better.
also no rampage from black in it :/
ViaDolorosa wrote at 25.08.2012, 00:00 CEST:
Shits getting old, seriously
Crissae wrote at 25.08.2012, 00:01 CEST:
Too many black holes
hohi wrote at 25.08.2012, 00:05 CEST:
too short ):::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Norl_ wrote at 25.08.2012, 00:05 CEST:
great vid + i like the hero voices sometimes in the background
but too many blackholes...
K4b3154147 wrote at 25.08.2012, 00:07 CEST:
gj, now I'm hungry for TI2 :)

btw, the music at the very end reminds me of the BSG series
GrinnValesti wrote at 25.08.2012, 01:06 CEST:
that YOLO at the last part cracked me up
Rugbroed wrote at 25.08.2012, 01:19 CEST:
more like "Once upon the BLACK HOLE"
bergstrom wrote at 25.08.2012, 01:49 CEST:
dwerhs wrote:
what a black holesssss!!!.... also nice furion by jeyo hahaha

the furion play was kind of worthless if u had seen the match CLG knew they were going too lose all in the opposite team were fed they were 2 racks down i think and the opposite team had a void so instead of turtuling it out they just went for it.
destruction3402 wrote at 25.08.2012, 01:53 CEST:
Blaaaaack hoooooole!
IronGirella wrote at 25.08.2012, 03:03 CEST:
i preferd the first one, but BLACK HOLEEEEEE
sagsa wrote at 25.08.2012, 04:07 CEST:

TI2 only, please....
soedenone wrote at 25.08.2012, 04:07 CEST:
That was extremely fucking boring. Nothing but tons of black holes. Some of them good sure, but don't make a whole fucking movie out of it...
legend_89757 wrote at 25.08.2012, 06:14 CEST:
black hole everywhere

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