Raffle: Win a AMD Radeon HD7850 !

posted by Moose, 3 years ago
Together with the jD Masters powered by AMD Radeon™ Graphics you can win a HD 7850 graphics card and a ROCCAT Into Messenger Bag - each on monday and tuesday!

Participating is as easy as pie and most of you guys already know how this works! Write a comment below and explain how the AMD Radeon™ HD 7850 graphics card will improve your computer and why!

You can of course be creative with stating your reasons why you should win these prizes. Make a graphic, take a photo, make a video, sing a song! There are no limits!


Info on the graphics card by XFX:

- Newest Generation Graphics
- 28nm GCN Architecture
- DirectX 11-Support

The latest top-titles run perfectly thanks to the latest AMD Catalyst Drivers. Whoever wants to upgrade smartly won´t get around the new AMD Radeon™ HD 7850!

We will only take serious comments into consideration that have a fair length, so don´t just spam one-word comments like "gief" or "need this!". Multiple comments are allowed. joinDOTA staff and admins are not allowed to participate (sorry boys).

Note, that the prizes will be passed out as a bundle, so on monday you can win one AMD Radeon™ HD 7850 together with one ROCCAT Into Messenger Bag and the same you can win on the tuesday. So if you wrote a comment on monday, you will have to write another on tuesday to increase your chances of winning!

We will gather the best comments and pick the winners at random afterwards. The raffle starts today, effective immediately and will run until Tuesday, August 14th 23:00 CEST. The winners will be announced on August 21st 2012.

We wish everyone the best of luck and hope you enjoy participating in this raffle!

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Moone wrote at 13.08.2012, 12:15 CEST:
I would love to get the Graphics Card because now I have a shitty one, then I would be able to listen music while playing and talking with friends through skype. Thanks.
hiatech wrote at 13.08.2012, 12:17 CEST:
I would just like to have that messenger bag and nothing else cause we we're severly affected by the floodings in the Philippines and would like to have that awesome bag. Nothing more and nothing else.
slipperyjack007 wrote at 13.08.2012, 12:18 CEST:
i'd really like a new graphics card since my current one gets me 15 fps in dota 2. All those missed last hits...
ThE_LiK wrote at 13.08.2012, 12:18 CEST:
This graphic would come handy to anyone, and to me ofc ;)
mayers wrote at 13.08.2012, 12:18 CEST:
I would love to get this card cause i am actually struggle with my old nVidia 250gts, having this new graphic card will allow me to stream my dota game, share my gaming experience with tones of dota players around the world!
It will allow me to craft dota 2 video with moviemaking softwares.

To sum up, i need this card guys :D

thanks for doing this website, and thanks for those raffles!

Ps: sorry for my english, france is retarded english country!

Kind regards, Mayers
Koolaides wrote at 13.08.2012, 12:19 CEST:
Im trying to start up a stream but with my graphics....not possible. I am investing money into a new computer but I an about 4 months from getting the money necessary and the graphics card will cut that down buy 2 months. I will be the first proud south african streamer who lives in tokyo xD
pickl3s wrote at 13.08.2012, 12:20 CEST:
Really poor, need new graphic card. Please <3
AREUHAPPYNOW wrote at 13.08.2012, 12:21 CEST:
I need the graphics card because im gonna try to get into streaming dota2 and my current graphic card simply cant handle streaming. im having slight FPS issues even with low settings on dota2. My graphic card is my "bottleneck" on my computer performance, having a new graphic card would improve my whole computer alot.

Moreover, my graphics card has been making weird noises when cold for the past year and everyday im in fear of it crashing.

Aurrius wrote at 13.08.2012, 12:22 CEST:
I want this graphic card to use the ultimate Laz0r Weapon! :D
soz_I'm_a_combowhore wrote at 13.08.2012, 12:24 CEST:
I rly love free shits
Joybear wrote at 13.08.2012, 12:24 CEST:
I want this graphics card, because Radeon is an amazing brand! I can play video games without lagging. I solo queue on DotA 2 all the time, and I play on pretty low settings. If I had a great graphics card, I wouldn't mind being teamed with ragers and feeders. : ) My graphics would be too pretty to look at.
BoiSnap wrote at 13.08.2012, 12:25 CEST:
I really want this graphic card so that I can play DotA on the highest settings on my computer!!!
kazama wrote at 13.08.2012, 12:26 CEST:
The time has come for people like me to have a better graphic card for a better gaming performance of course. It will be great if I can obtain those graphic card since my desktop give me about 15-30fps on dota2.

By any chances, if i were choose to win this graphic card, that would be really great. :D
Sorry for the broken english :|
Fainte wrote at 13.08.2012, 12:26 CEST:
I need the graphics card so I could start streaming for dota2. When I watched one of the first streams of Dota 2 I wanted to stream too. With my current graphics card, I can't stream without lagging a lot. Also it would improve my play too, so I wouldn't lag so much inside the game. Thanks!
dangler3 wrote at 13.08.2012, 12:27 CEST:
give cards
LoL_Failz wrote at 13.08.2012, 12:28 CEST:
i need that graphics card because i can barely play dota 2.. its on the lowest quality and i still get major framerate lagg
FlyToTheSkyy wrote at 13.08.2012, 12:29 CEST:
i wanna win something ! pls make me a winner :D :X
Sempfo wrote at 13.08.2012, 12:30 CEST:
I'd love to win this graphic card because my one is a little bit old and I could enjoy dota2 way more with this AMD Radeaon HD 7850 :). Also the Messenger Bag looks very nice and winning sth. is always fun ;).
Cyper wrote at 13.08.2012, 12:31 CEST:
i would like a new card, while my 9500gt somewhat runs dota2, its difficult to tell the heros apart. e.g. windrunner and tidehunter look a bit similar, they are both green.....
maefju wrote at 13.08.2012, 12:31 CEST:
i would love to win this graphics card cause in my actual system a lagfree teamfight is impossible. with a new graphics card i could focus on killing an enemy in teamfights and not hoping that my pc crashs due overheat.
Aperture wrote at 13.08.2012, 12:31 CEST:
i want this graphics card, so i can unlock the secrets to crysis 3's new frog technology and also play every game to date with a dual monitor set up :D
hinki wrote at 13.08.2012, 12:32 CEST:
I need the graphic garb because i am currently gaming on a laptop, then i would have something to build around a decent gaming PC ! :D
Spekwjirm wrote at 13.08.2012, 12:32 CEST:
I'm gonna use it to start streaming Dota 2.
pwnd0rum wrote at 13.08.2012, 12:33 CEST:
I own a HD4850 and it is beginning to get rather old, so i would very much love to get a 7850 especially by XFX :) and i promise to play a lot of dota :D
Skim wrote at 13.08.2012, 12:34 CEST:
Magina, QoP and sometimes Rubick like to blink,
whereas I like to think,
"Face your enemy, look him straight into the eye,
even if it means you're gonna die."
Like Spirit Breaker I charge into the fight,
not fearing the danger that is out of sight.
Be it Shiva's Guard or Razor's Plasma Field,
no AoE damage shall make me yield.
But what is this, is it lag, is it a bug?
What is this that is making me shrug?
Dafuq is this, Dafuq is that,
It is even freaking out my cat!
Razor is suddenly here, then he's there,
Lags, lags everywhere!
Why do they have to cast so many skills,
it's making my computer go down the hills.
One moment I'm ready to bash,
the next moment I have entered a clash
but I can't see the opponent's attack,
it is a good Graphic's card that I lack!

edited by Skim at 13.08.2012, 12:45 CEST

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