Moscow 5 CEO arrested in Amsterdam

posted by Jaywalker, 3 years ago
According to Russian newssite Fontanka, ru Moscow Five owner ru Dmitry 'dd1ms' Smilyanets has been arrested in Amsterdam.

Although the charges were not made public, the arrest is rumored to be related to an online credit card fraud.

Moscow Five has confirmed the arrest, and below is a translated statement they provided:

Dima was indeed travelling to Amsterdam for leisure purposes and he was indeed arrested. Even though it took place a couple of days ago, motives of Dutch police are still unknown. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation does not possess any kind of information about the arrest, since Dutch police refuses to provide it. In order to handle this unfortunate situation his father has departed to Amsterdam. Hopefully, he will be able to do so. Despite these unpleasant circumstances our Dota 2 and LoL squads are going to continue with their preparations to upcoming tournaments. M5.Dota is going to participate in a tiebreaker matches in order to qualify for SLTV Star Series #2 Finals in Kiev. M5.LoL are going to resume practicing for European Challenger Circuit, which is taking place in Poland in the end of July with a prize pool of 40,000 dollars. M5.CS.Female are preparing for a LAN tournament taking place in Kiev on the 15th of July.

As of now, it is unclear if the arrest was made by the FBI as suggested by Fontanka or the Dutch police as stated by M5.

Moscow Five has assured joinDOTA that this will not affect their partcipation in The International, and their players will continue playing. Stay tuned as we provide you with more updates of this issue.

Sources: Fontanka, Moscow Five

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budaaa wrote at 04.07.2012, 14:09 CEST:
finally, noobs will be noobs!
apmje wrote at 04.07.2012, 14:10 CEST:
sl8on1 wrote at 04.07.2012, 14:13 CEST:
ахахах, Смелый
Ghostchanter wrote at 04.07.2012, 14:16 CEST:
always the eastern europeans involved in any legal drama dragging down esports - I hope for the benefit of us all he was only selling weed illegally and not credit cards :p
Staserman wrote at 04.07.2012, 14:18 CEST:
Damn it ! wanted m5 to quit the TI2 so Mouz could play ... now we need to wait until some other team quits ...
imsopure wrote at 04.07.2012, 14:20 CEST:
"netherlands police refuses to give info" - "russian police wants info" --- seems legit. no. really. the netherlands are the indemocratic. yes yes. :D
dacaj wrote at 04.07.2012, 14:25 CEST:
anti- wrote at 04.07.2012, 14:27 CEST:
bambo is somehow involved in this story for sure
w8ing for some commentaries from sing
smfe wrote at 04.07.2012, 14:27 CEST:
Kinda looks like a bad guy version of Vin Diesel
amiGoZoR wrote at 04.07.2012, 14:29 CEST:
maybe they just arrested him because he is russian and i approve that
ScTF- wrote at 04.07.2012, 14:35 CEST:
PrepareForBattle wrote at 04.07.2012, 14:39 CEST:
PrepareForBattle wrote at 04.07.2012, 14:42 CEST:
Sing starts mission how to get slot in TI2 : )
Bawsi wrote at 04.07.2012, 14:50 CEST:
You fuck with artsyle you fuck with the feds
Okoo wrote at 04.07.2012, 14:50 CEST:
Formanden wrote at 04.07.2012, 14:59 CEST:
simply comment: OMG
BC.1 wrote at 04.07.2012, 15:04 CEST:
did someone read article or just tittle? wtf you writing
trech wrote at 04.07.2012, 15:04 CEST:
gl to him
__PP__ wrote at 04.07.2012, 15:07 CEST:
first of all.. m5 will attend TI2..
second.. M5> mouz... so gg noobs
peps4short wrote at 04.07.2012, 15:15 CEST:
Mouz is involve.. :D... Singsing wants to be in TI2.. lol..
deadRiPP wrote at 04.07.2012, 15:18 CEST:
damn fool, told him that meth is not legal in netherland, and what he do? makes a lab, gg
scarge wrote at 04.07.2012, 15:25 CEST:
It was the Dutch police acting on behalf of the FBI. This was part of a huge sting operation that took down over 20 credit card theives / scammers in the last couple weeks all across Europe.

Happy 4th of July y'all. Our government just doesn't spy on us, welcome to the party!

edited by scarge at 04.07.2012, 15:29 CEST
nwnw wrote at 04.07.2012, 15:25 CEST:
Staserman wrote:
Damn it ! wanted m5 to quit the TI2 so Mouz could play ... now we need to wait until some other team quits ...

yeah, in your dreamz. gfy brainafk fanboys.
AlphaLanguste wrote at 04.07.2012, 15:28 CEST:
PrepareForBattle wrote:
Sing starts mission how to get slot in TI2 : )

lol yes
BeaverArmy wrote at 04.07.2012, 15:29 CEST:

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