twiSta: I'm just disappointed

posted by Blue_Knight, 3 years ago
In an effort to clear up the confusion and put an end to the rumors, no Visar 'twiSta' has has confirmed exclusively to joinDOTA that he has taken his leave from eu mousesports.

mousesports squad back at the Dota 2 Star Championships

The following statement was given to us by twiSta, and in it he explains the situation he faced within the team and expresses his feelings about it.

A few weeks ago I talked to mousesports, and they told me that they were thinking of either removing the old mouz team, or creating a new one alongside SingSing. I told them to give me some time and and let me create one along Sing and SexyBamboe, meaning that we kicked out Rexi, Trixi and Dement. mouz had already talked with other teams that they possibly wanted, but it turned out to be that they went with my suggestion after I got KuroKy and Fire into the team.

With that lineup, we won the 2GD studios and a few other official matches, and we talked to the organisation and had contracts prepared. But, only one day before the contracts were going to be signed officially, KuroKy told us that Virtus Pro had approached him with a better offer (salary,conditions,etc) and that he would take it.

Before all of this, I asked Sing and Bamboe if they were up for giving this one last chance after I had talked to mouz to let me rebuild the team, and I also told them that I am sacrificing alot, such as a job opportunity, and cancelling my 1 month vacation to bootcamp with the team prior to DreamHack and potentially The International.

After they said that they wanted to do this and go all in for this, I spent my time arguing with mouz and getting the team better conditions, salary, and bootcamps arranged, which I achieved in the end, but we were still a player short since KuroKy did what he did.


After trialing about five or six different players, we brought Black^ into the team. However, about two weeks later, Fire got into an argument with Sing and Bamboe got into an argument during a game, which led into personal issues and alot of other stuff that dosnt need to be shared publicly.

Sing convinced me that Fire needed to be removed from the team, otherwise he said he would quit competitive Dota, as he saw no reason to continue with the team in the state it was in.

I spent two days thinking about this, and talked to various people - including Toby - and asking for help on what I should do, because after Valve announced that roster stability was a priority [for being invited to The International], I felt very pressured and frustrated. On top of that, Fire is a really close friend of mine, but we couldn't afford to lose Sing.

In the end I decided that losing Sing would do us more harm than good, and after talking about it, we released Fire and took in 1437, who is not only a really good friend of Sing and I, but also a very talented and good player.

So we started playing with our new lineup and everything seemed to be okay for the time being, but we were struggling to find chemistry and stability, as this was a completely new team, and every new team meets those kind of difficulties at the start, so that was nothing out of the ordinary. You can't expect a brand new team to be like Na'Vi within a week and beat everyone.

Then ComeWithMe talked to me, and told me that he was out of Darer and that they would go with three players from DTS, and he was asked me if there was room for him in mouz. He was also hinting that I should remove Black^, which is something that I told him would not happen.

After two days - in which I had to do some stuff at university and some work after that which prevented me from being online for most of the day - I managed to come online ten minutes before our game game against Na'Vi, where I was told that "CWM is playing instead of you and we will talk about it later/tomorrow."

I was very frustrated and pissed off about it, I messaged all of my teammates and all of them ignored me until the next day, where Sing told me "I will talk to you once you have talked to 1437." The next day, 1437 talked to me in a very mannered way and explained the situation to me; that some of the players wanted me out.

I was very shocked and pissed off that someone who just joined the team three of four days ago was talking to me, and not the people that I counted as friends and who I had sacrificed and worked so hard for.

They had been asking me to stick around as a sixth player/manager/coach, but after giving up my job and a one month vacation and all kinds of other stuff for the team, I didn't see it fitting for me to be there, as I wouldn't be getting anything out of it.

They were and probably still are very concerned about how much I would say about everything regarding mouz and the players, because they probably are concerned about The International. Let's just say that this is just a part of the cake, and there is much more of it where it comes from. And I hope that none of this will affect their chances of getting an invite to The International, or any other invite to any tournament, as all they wanted was to have a better team. The only reason I'm going out with this now is just to let people know what really happened and how I got treated and how the latest announcement didn't mention that I'm no longer a part of mouz.

I would like to thank everyone who was a fan of the team and for their support, and I think this is probably the end for me when it comes to competitive Dota, as i have finally seen how people can act or be. I'm not mad at my former team for wanting a change, I'm just disappointed about the way things got treated and things got handled."

joinDOTA has contacted the other members of the team in regards to twiSta's comments, with the team manager Florian "PaisY" Schmedes providing the following statment:

Speaking on behalf of my team, we feel sorry that things had to end this way. The last few weeks have been very rough and stressful for everyone of us. As a matter of fact, quick decision making was necessary relating to our current and upcoming events. Nontheless, the team appreciates the efforts twiSta brought to us. Moreover, we offered him the opportunity to stick with the team in a coaching position. We do respect his decision and wish him all the best for his future.

We have also recieved the following comment from Weh Sing 'SingSing' Yuen:

These are nothing but scenarios that have actually happened but taken out of context and been put into a black and white page of text in hopes of player slandering. Believe what you want to believe.

mousesports Roster

de Dominik 'Black^' Reitmeier
nl Weh Sing 'SingSing' Yuen
nl Alaan 'SexyBamboe' Faraj
ca Sivatheeban '1437' Sivanathapillai
ro Alexandru 'ComeWithMe' Craciunescu

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ryhu wrote at 28.05.2012, 19:26 CEST:
Meg wrote at 28.05.2012, 19:27 CEST:
yoshi- wrote at 28.05.2012, 19:29 CEST:
luqas wrote at 28.05.2012, 19:29 CEST:
he started the kicking and in the end got kicked, thats karma
MeRD0_THe_KiD wrote at 28.05.2012, 19:30 CEST:
sorry bro but even Cwm is better than u :/
_Reaper wrote at 28.05.2012, 19:31 CEST:
:(. a little bit sad for twista. but cwm? oh yeaaah. lets get this thing started, Mouz!
Nic*L wrote at 28.05.2012, 19:31 CEST:
No more fucking cancer holding back Mouz!
Matindo wrote at 28.05.2012, 19:32 CEST:
Giving new Mouz two weeks before break up.
Soko wrote at 28.05.2012, 19:32 CEST:
I hate to say i am not surprised. I hate kindergarden dota
GoSuMali wrote at 28.05.2012, 19:32 CEST:
That's really so lame...

"He [ComeWithMe] was also hinting that I should remove Black^"
More drama incoming
m1nhE wrote at 28.05.2012, 19:32 CEST:
felt very sorry for tWista after this, GL in the future bro. T_T

SuperDuperMorten wrote at 28.05.2012, 19:33 CEST:
Good read. Good Luck in future Twista!
Xezko wrote at 28.05.2012, 19:33 CEST:
It's sad.
Twista a great guy and knows how to get things done. Imo he's not really a good player but i was hoping for him to stay as couch or manager, since he was who put the team together.
Maybe time to reveal who's this Q and what does he do? :')
Good luck in life twista!
soedenone wrote at 28.05.2012, 19:34 CEST:

edited by soedenone at 28.05.2012, 19:41 CEST
Fettlompe wrote at 28.05.2012, 19:35 CEST:
I like twista, seems like such a nice guy!
Chaoticly wrote at 28.05.2012, 19:35 CEST:
what they did to him was really not cool and i would call this singsing a real pussy for not being able to tell him and let 1457 do it instead. a big thumb down to you singsing
pigis wrote at 28.05.2012, 19:36 CEST:
It's ok to kick members of old Mouz, but when your own mates don't want you in the team, you start drama. GJ twista, gl with your kids.
StenBemmerly wrote at 28.05.2012, 19:36 CEST:
it might have something to do with those kids screaming everytime you talk on skype. or maybe its just that cwm is better and you did not play up to par in many games.
Black.Afghan wrote at 28.05.2012, 19:36 CEST:
twista you shouldnt bitch, they have proven to be much more amazing without you and even mtw sucked with you in it.
Quelm wrote at 28.05.2012, 19:36 CEST:
Surprised that they have manged to perform so well with so much drama going on in the background.
Dosh_cZ wrote at 28.05.2012, 19:37 CEST:
and what about Rexi and Trixi? have they new team already?
noscireish wrote at 28.05.2012, 19:37 CEST:
WhatAHax wrote at 28.05.2012, 19:37 CEST:
Oh well Twista Good Luck in the future. very sad to hear this though

I hope twista find new stable team to play in competitive scene :)
GrinnValesti wrote at 28.05.2012, 19:37 CEST:
Deityh wrote at 28.05.2012, 19:38 CEST:
Well Twista would have been great coah/sub/manager but as a starting player... well the current roster simply is better. I feel bad for him to get forced out though since he was pretty much the only thing why mouz ever tagged the team.

Anyways I call bullshit on leaving a job for a teenager-team that can breakup any day. LOL nobody is that stupid.

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