SingSing: TI2 pressure getting to us

posted by Jaywalker, 4 years ago
One of the most prolific Dota 2 players, nl WehSing 'SingSing' Yuen, is currently a player for eu Mousesports. His successful transition to Dota 2 has silenced his critics, and his flamboyant style of play coupled with his sharp but funny personality has gained him a huge fanbase.

After working on this feature for almost a month, joinDOTA is proud to present an exclusive interview with SingSing.

What was your motivation to begin playing Dota 2?

Pretty much the same as the reason I played HoN in the first place, Dota 2 is a new game; new games are interesting and I just follow, and of course The International is a very interesting tournament which lures me into Dota 2 even more.

When EBIN was signed by mouz, there were many questioning and even criticizing mouz’s decision to sign a HoN team that had little to no experience in competitive Dota. Facing all this negativity, how did you seek to break away from this criticism?

I simply don’t care about any unproductive criticism, nor do I pay any attention to it; regardless of how people think of you, in the end it's about winning, losing and most importantly; improving. Whether someone comes from HoN or even League of shitty Legends, our goals are the same; and our results are solely affected by motivation and discipline, not from what game you come from.

As mouz began to play more, people began to take notice of your play on Shadow Shaman. What are your thoughts about this hero?

Shadow Shaman is a very powerful mid hero, in a 1 on 1 situation, zapping creeps is a very easy way to get farmed, especially if you luck a rune or two with it. He also benefits from level 6 more than most heroes in the pool, a single ward trap will kill most heroes, and leaving him unattended for a short moment will even allow a good Shadow Shaman player take a full HP tower.

However, Shadow Shaman is easy to be ganked and even easier to shut down in a 1 vs 2 lane. His base movement speed, armor and hitpoints are very lacking.

The first major event mouz attended was the Dota 2 Star Championship in Kiev. mouz was able to finish fourth place in their first LAN event, losing to Na’Vi and M5. What were your thoughts after the event?

Disappointing really... Every single one of us felt like we underperformed, and our draft was out of order as well, which often happens after a single or more devastating losses.

For the following months, we saw mouz struggling to win against the top teams, seemingly lacking one element to finish games off. How frustrating was it knowing that you had the skills, but it was just team chemistry and inexperience that were denying mouz victories?

Very frustrating. Rather than inexperience, I'd say it was more the lack of a captain; someone that made the important calls and just made the four others go with it, even an inexperienced captain in that regard would have won us many games that we lost due to the fact we had no decision making at all, when a bad decision would have given us at least a chance to win.

mousesports at Dota 2 Star Championship. Photo: GosuGamers

After twiSta announced his step back, your team took in SexyBamboe. It seemed that mouz had found the final ingredient for success. Did you ever think Bamboe will have such a big impact to mouz?

I for one was 100% sure that Bamboe would do well in mouz, simply because in bambo doto, all bases are his bases and everything is easier when all bases are our bases.

During a show sometime ago, Loda, GoDz and Drayich all agreed that you and SexyBamboe are players that have a lot of ‘flair’, where given right heroes and space both of you can create great plays out of nothing. Do you feel that this is something that is natural to you?

It's not natural; and great plays never come out of nothing, not from one or two players anyway. If I ever did something that seemed like it won the game single handedly, it's because my team followed up perfectly or set it up for me. If I ever do win a game alone, or bambo does, it's because our opponent had been insignificant.

With consistent play and improving teamwork, mouz began to challenge for the top and finally your first Dota 2 tournament in the Dota2Replays Brawl, beating teams like coL, aL and CLG. What were your emotions?

Very happy of course! Every single one of us felt unstoppable; there was nothing any of them could do to stop us, these games were also the last games where we drafted as a team, and I think that made the biggest impact in every single one of the matches.

Soon after, mouz had roster issues. What happened with the previous lineup with DeMeNt, Rexi and Trixi?

There were very many disagreements during games; especially the early game phases. For me it was mainly the mindset, we had people who played to win with gimmick tactics or extremely passive play, in my opinion it was more important to adjust and improve towards the best with commonly used, stable heroes, something that not everyone followed with.

Although it was rumored that Kuroky would join mouz, it was in fact Black that completed the roster. What are your thoughts about the current roster?

It's a bit rushed; TI2 pressure is really getting to us. However, everyone of us has the right mindset and we work very hard; I think our team has a huge potential, just need to adapt a few details.

The International has now invited four teams [ed - at the time of writing] to compete in Seattle. Do you think mouz will be invited?

I'm always constantly practicing hoping to find out new ways to deal with stuff; always keeping myself up-to-date with everything. Whether it's good enough or not, that's something only time will tell me.

Which player and team do you respect the most? Why?

No one right now.. It's gonna change in the near future though; when the International starts, we'll see who the real top tier players are, when everyone is in top form.

Which pub hero do you feel with the right play and strategy has the potential to have a good impact on competitive play?

I think many people still consider rockman as a pub hero, he had been used quite frequently at some point, but then died off again. man of rock in the right hands and right draft will absolutely club the enemy to death.

One of your former teammates in Dirty Minds, Era, has also made the switch to Dota 2. He has been learning the game rapidly and gained attention for his remarkable play as the carry for Fnatic. What are your thoughts when you play against him?

I'm very glad he decided to switch over as well (finally), it was always been a pleasure playing with or against Era throughout my entire stay at HoN, Dota 2 will be no different. It's very fulfilling to see how we both have improved from the first moment we met each other in some pub where I owned him as fastblade but still lost cause team bad.

You started streaming early in the beta, and was averaging 300 viewers. However, lately you are averaging around 2000 viewers, and growing with popularity everyday. What do you think has been the reason for this increase?

Perhaps winning official matches, or just doing well in some of them... I dunno really, it kind of just shot from 300-500 to 2000 in a few days.

Has this changed the way you play during streams?

Not even a bit, I've always played just for the fun of it while pretending to be Spanish and flaming people in 6 different languages, however, when a wild finstack appears, everything changes; one does not simply beat a finstack; goddamn I hate finstacks. Tried reporting them for it, but no go.

During your streams you will hum certain melodies. Why is your singing so sexy?

Victory songs mang, or stress relieving hums, my need to punch some kid in the face reduces with every hum.

You often call SexyBamboe a noob, and many people think you’re joking... are you?

No, I mean, have you seen bambo doto some times? It's like, ''bambo, wat you doing? dat isnt your base get outta there bambo, its not safe.'' while he runs from 4 enemy heroes and tries to buy a tp from the enemy shop, then suddenly it ends up in the stash anyway and he dies right infront of the fountain.

You had the pleasure of having Tobi as a standin for you for the atoD showdown and witnessing his skills. What are your comments?

#$@!ing feeder, feeders everywhere. Told the guy to just charge without giving a single #$@! and kill everyone; guy did everything as told except for killing everyone. TOBI WHY YOU NO KILL EVERYONE?

When Toby came back from Valve, he stated that Valve in fact confirmed that you are the highest rated player in Dota 2 matchmaking. Are you humble about this?

I don't really care much about it. I mean, whether I know that I'm the #1 ranked on the matchmaking ladder or not, it doesn't change anything. It's like having sex with a girl with no contraception; then finding out the next day that she didn't get knocked up. It's goddamn good to know, but it doesn't change anything in the end; except for shortening your life span for about 5 years. It doesn't really make me a better or worse player. I hope.

You just casted for your first time in Dota 2 with Toby. What did you think of it?

Cast was nice!

Have you ever thought about quitting Dota 2? You seem to have reached a breaking point as you struggled to cope with the game here.

Doto too hard some times especially when there's a roaming alchemist with feking boots plus orb of venom first that punches you until you die 3 times in less than 5 minutes. Games like that make me want to switch to Legue of Lehendas but then registration is too hard and game was no go. I hate Dota.

Lets end this glorious interview with your shoutouts.

Shoutout to my former and current team mates, Darkwish_inc, Cherry, and finally Bulba and Empire Scandal for standing for multiple matches! and ofcourse our sponsors: MEDION, GeIL, Intel, Razer, Thortech, CardCoaches and Sansibar.

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Sing! <3
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Aways love you Sing! :D &lt;3

"I for one was 100% sure that Bamboe would do well in mouz, simply because in bambo doto, all bases are his bases and everything is easier when all bases are our bases."

BAMBOE trolled Lol

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Sing looks different than expectations
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I remember I first started watching Sing when his viewers posted in a random channel that if he got to 500 viewers he'd give a beta key away. It's weird seeing him with 6k peak viewers.
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Finally a interview of Sing! I have waited a long time for this.
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