Masters of Asia VII

posted by Tezzeret, 4 years ago

Just under two weeks ago, the ex-Gosu team now known as us Quantic Gaming took down eu FnaticRC to win the sixth edition of the joinDOTA Masters. This time around, the best of Asia will compete for another 500 Euros.

cn Invictus Gaming - the latest team to be invited by Valve to the 2012 edition of The International - will be making their first appearance in the joinDOTA Masters series. They will be going up against th MiTh.Trust whom, despite having a history of strong showings, have hit some rough patches lately.

In previous editions, my Orange faltered in the early stages and could not get past round one, but with their recent winning streak, the team will surely be able to make some waves in this weekend's matches. They will be going up against one of the most famous teams from China, cn EHOME, who recently showed that they are a force to be reckon with after they won their opening two matches in the Gigabyte Dota Masters.

Also taking part this time will be cn DK - who now have more experience using the Dota 2 engine - and sg Aeon, against whom the Chinese will be seeking to exact revenge upon for their recent defeat at the Singaporeans hands in the Gigabyte Dota Masters.

Finally, my MUFC will be playing au Absolute Legends in a repeat of the match-up from the finals of Masters III.

All matches will be streamed by our very own au Toby 'TobiWan' Dawson. Games will be streamed based on the following schedule and you can tune in here when the time comes.

Friday 18th May
12:30 CEST (18:30 Singapore) - Quarter-final 1
13:45 CEST (19:45 Singapore) - Quarter-final 2
15:00 CEST (21:00 Singapore) - Quarter-final 3
16:15 CEST (22:15 Singapore) - Quarter-final 4

Saturday 19th may
12:30 CEST (18:30 Singapore) - Semi-final 1
13:45 CEST (19:45 Singapore) - Semi-final 2
15:00 CEST (21:00 Singapore) - Best of Three Grand Finals


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faerie wrote at 16.05.2012, 17:48 CEST:
first >.<
matthe wrote at 16.05.2012, 17:48 CEST:
Was posted 42 year ago :D
TobiWanKenobi wrote at 16.05.2012, 17:52 CEST:
matthe wrote:
Was posted 42 year ago :D

oldest competition in the book ;)
matthe wrote at 16.05.2012, 17:52 CEST:
You guys are ahead of our time :D
SaLvAtIoN wrote at 16.05.2012, 17:53 CEST:
No Zenith??
Awww shucks but nvm it still going to be a great compy
Burger3ater wrote at 16.05.2012, 17:57 CEST:
Wow ... awesome tournament, really nice teams
FrostChampion wrote at 16.05.2012, 17:59 CEST:
this is gonna be EPIC! nuff said.......
ezmer wrote at 16.05.2012, 18:01 CEST:
orange gotta be in the finals...
yoshi- wrote at 16.05.2012, 18:01 CEST:
Text says ehome will play against AEON
Grid says ehome will play against orange?
AEON.XtReM1St wrote at 16.05.2012, 18:03 CEST:
I myself am confused >.<
TobiWanKenobi wrote at 16.05.2012, 18:06 CEST:
appologies...there were some changes to the grid without updating the body of the article, should be fixed now
Tezzeret wrote at 16.05.2012, 18:14 CEST:
AEON.XtReM1St wrote:
I myself am confused &amp;gt;.&amp;lt;

I blame Tobi!
pixie88 wrote at 16.05.2012, 18:15 CEST:
why no LGD? =.=
Blue_Knight wrote at 16.05.2012, 18:21 CEST:
Tezzeret wrote:
AEON.XtReM1St wrote:
I myself am confused &amp;amp;amp;gt;.&amp;amp;amp;lt;
&lt;br /&gt;
&lt;br /&gt;
I blame Tobi!

We blame you.
SanoIzumi wrote at 16.05.2012, 18:25 CEST:
orange orange
MiDNiGhT2903 wrote at 16.05.2012, 18:27 CEST:
Ehome vs Orange... Gonna be epic :D
Jaywalker wrote at 16.05.2012, 19:58 CEST:
Some of the teams are busy or can't attend. LGD couldn't attend because they have an event to attend and will only be back on the 20th. Zenith couldn't attend because some of their players couldn't play this weekend.
pixie88 wrote at 16.05.2012, 20:06 CEST:
thanks for the info.. :D
thebaciomuna wrote at 16.05.2012, 20:09 CEST:
duskbin or mineski?
tw1sted wrote at 16.05.2012, 20:18 CEST:
kick MiTH they play dota 1
n_Y_n wrote at 16.05.2012, 20:32 CEST:
Orange vs aL for final, top half of bracket is easier than bottom by quite a bit IMO
-MgZ_ wrote at 16.05.2012, 20:39 CEST:
Omygod this is carnage. Well, obviously it's DK vs EHOME at finals.. Unless iG makes zhou the captain and let chuan support again so they can make everything right...
megadeth00 wrote at 16.05.2012, 20:42 CEST:
Orange vs Dk is my call... Stil, this is gonna be a awesome tournament.
zoe wrote at 16.05.2012, 20:48 CEST:

Pikachis wrote at 16.05.2012, 21:49 CEST:
my Prediction ; for 2nd Round

iG vs Mith = 60/40% ( saw recent mith games...they seem lose their touch,, they need to work harder, especially early games) "IG"

Orange Vs Ehome = 50/50%( saw EHOME games against AEON,,EHome seem ready! both have equal chance) my bet in favour of Orange,, they won't fail again this times even with the same heroes.

Dk vs Aeon = 55/45% ( AEON lose to duskbin in Lan last week and Ehome in GD2M today, Work harder my countrymen) "DK"

aL vs Mufc = 50/50% (recent games Both lose to Orange with score, 17/8 and 29/10) (MUFC does lose to aL before) i bet aL have chance to make it 2nd round,

IG,Orange,DK and aL....


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