DK and MUFC join ProDota2 League

posted by Jaywalker, 4 years ago
ProDota2 has confirmed that powerhouse cn DK and fan favorite my MUFC will be participating in worldwide league. Both teams will join six already invited teams from Asia and battle for the top three placing in the region to advance to the playoffs.

The complete list of teams for Asia are now as follows:

au Absolute Legends
my Orange eSports
sg Zenith
th Mith.Trust
vn Stars Boba
cn Canis Lupus Campestris (CLC)
cn DK

In our previous report, ph Mineski was reported to be reached for participation but has declined the offer.

"I checked the schedule with the CEO and the team will have a hectic schedule", said Ronald Robins, CEO of Mineski.

joinDOTA caught up with representatives from DK and MUFC, and this is what they had to say:


We are very honored to be invited to this Dota 2 league, and will cherish this opportunity to play against the top teams in Asia. In the future, we will spend more time to practice Dota 2.


We saw a lot of fans supported us. We really do feel glad & grateful with all the comments. Aside from this would like to thanks to organizer for giving us a chance to participate. MUFC is back!

ProDota2 has also clarified any registration confusion for their leagues, and said that any team that is not in the pro League can qualify for the non-pro League. Therefore, professional teams that were not invited for the PRO League will still be able to battle for $10,000 worth of cash prizes in the NON-PRO League.

JoinDOTA's very own au Toby 'TobiWan' Dawson will be providing the official English stream of this tournament. Stream requests of different languages are also encouraged to sign up in their forums here.

Stay tuned as joinDOTA bring you more information about upcoming matches from ProDota2 Worldwide League.

Sources: ProDota2

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Jaywalker wrote at 05.04.2012, 08:07 CEST:
I hope MUFC fanboys are pleased! Mineski not so much lol.
pikertepe wrote at 05.04.2012, 08:13 CEST:
Good thing mineski declined. I don't want to see their reputation being ruined when not showing up for a game.
GodYasha wrote at 05.04.2012, 08:21 CEST:
gogo MUFC
hextacy wrote at 05.04.2012, 08:23 CEST:
Maybe now we'll see DK vs AL!!
Q.ex wrote at 05.04.2012, 08:24 CEST:
mufc :))
Jman71 wrote at 05.04.2012, 08:42 CEST:
Wooo MUFC =)
Wifiwi wrote at 05.04.2012, 08:52 CEST:
Wow, I am more excited to see Starsboba play Dota 2
lurk3r wrote at 05.04.2012, 09:03 CEST:
Good to see DK and CLC continuing to play dota 2. Zenith are the team to watch in this one for mine though, they have IMO the best line up in asian dota 2.
Nic*L wrote at 05.04.2012, 09:10 CEST:
#8 not to be a fanboy of MUFC..
But they owned Zenith in jD masters III..
Diamond9091 wrote at 05.04.2012, 09:27 CEST:
SB lost in the first round of Gosu League Qualifier #1 so don't expect too much from them. Better hope that DK will get used to Dota2 and the engine etc..
Serene- wrote at 05.04.2012, 09:35 CEST:
can't wait til DK finally gets the hang of dota2 and starts taking the game seriously... then they'll prove why they are the most dominant team in the world in the dota scene
GoDz wrote at 05.04.2012, 09:50 CEST:
no julz no win =(

edited by GoDz at 05.04.2012, 09:54 CEST
MY-DeaD wrote at 05.04.2012, 09:55 CEST:
Jaywalker...Thanks........MUFC SE Asia dota 2...Like a boss..
Slowking wrote at 05.04.2012, 10:14 CEST:
The title contains a grammatical error: Should be dk and mufc join prodota2 leage (plural)

For the rest: awesome!

ReiNNNN wrote at 05.04.2012, 10:40 CEST:
Slowking wrote:
The title contains a grammatical error: Should be dk and mufc join prodota2 leage (plural)
For the rest: awesome!

Thanks mate. Fixed.
WhlteFang wrote at 05.04.2012, 10:44 CEST:
MUFC is back!
NZ.anSh wrote at 05.04.2012, 11:25 CEST:
MUFC! Their comeback during the JD Masters was awesome. I'm expecting so much from them!
yzyzyz wrote at 05.04.2012, 11:25 CEST:
Hoping to see another casual relic from Burning hahaha
Captain'HerO wrote at 05.04.2012, 11:50 CEST:
jaywalker i really like that you interact so much with the dota 2 fans and that you actually listen to what they say / what they want keep on going
Sun_Tzu wrote at 05.04.2012, 13:05 CEST:
Nic*L wrote:
#8 not to be a fanboy of MUFC..
But they owned Zenith in jD masters III..

Zenith did not have their entire lineup for that one iirc, and Chuan still felt iffy during that game. Even so, that game was close. In jD Masters IV they had their full lineup and Chuan finally looked comfortable, and the results were impressive.

If Zenith keep on playing with the same lineup, they are easily the team to look out for.
JTT wrote at 05.04.2012, 14:13 CEST:
Expecting a close battle between Zenith,aL,CLC and MUFC and a lot of great games... GL all I hope Zenith wins in order to have more Chinese teams at the top of GosuGamers rank list...
Beelze wrote at 05.04.2012, 14:46 CEST:
Wow definitely a league to look forward to, especially with Tobi streaming xD
So many good teams and interesting matches especially in Europe and Asia.. Now just waiting for Darer to qualify for the Europe region :D
Jaywalker wrote at 05.04.2012, 15:09 CEST:
#19 Thanks, means a lot :)
Godkingofwar wrote at 05.04.2012, 15:11 CEST:
people saying MuFc is the best SEA dota2 now! i remember when Mineski owned this Zenith , MuFc at past Lan tourney :)
Diamond9091 wrote at 05.04.2012, 15:27 CEST:
#24 PAST!!!!

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