ProDota2 announces Worldwide League

posted by Jaywalker, 4 years ago
ProDota2 has announced the formation of a Worldwide League, featuring top teams from America, Europe, and Asia.

The initial group stage will be divided in regards to the respective team’s region, the regions being America, Europe, and Asia. There will be pro divisions and non-Pro divisions, offering both professional and amateur teams a chance to compete for $20,000 and $10,000 worth of prize money respectively.

A total of 19 teams have been invited so far, with more being invited to fill the rest of the remaining slots.

The teams participating are as follow:


us complexity
us It’s Gosu eSports
us Evil Geniuses
us Hallyu
us Inclement Gaming
us Fabio
us Captain Planet
Winner from Qualifier


ua Natus Vincere
ru Moscow Five
dk Quantic Gaming
ru DTS Gaming
se Counter Logic Gaming (CLG)
eu Mousesports
Winner from Qualifier #1
Winner from Qualifier #2


au Absolute Legends
my Orange eSports
sg Zenith
th Mith.Trust
vn Stars Boba
cn Canis Lupus Campestris (CLC)

Teams will play against other regional teams twice, once on 'homeground' and another 'away'. The top two from America, top three from Europe and top three from Asia will advance into the playoffs and be matched up and battle for prize money.

To kick things off, the 1st Qualifier for Europe will begin on the 13th of April with ru Darer versus fr Western Wolves at 17:00 CET whilst ro Dignitas goes against eu Epidemic at 18:00 CET. Matches will be best-of-one in the first round, and best-of-three in the final round. The final round between the winners will take place at 19:00 CET.

America division's last slot will be decided in an open qualifier, players can find more information here.

Asia division is still in the process of inviting teams, but ProDota2 has confirmed their interest in bring teams ph Mineski and cn DK into the league, although nothing is confirmed yet.

The English stream of the tournament will be brought to you by none other than au Toby 'TobiWan' Dawson from joinDOTA. Stay tuned as joinDOTA bring you more updates about ProDota2's league.

Sources: ProDota2

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geoa4 wrote at 03.04.2012, 11:52 CEST:
why only the top two from america? (note: i'm not american)
JuzForFun wrote at 03.04.2012, 11:56 CEST:
Invite MUFC from Malaysia!!!
No offence but will Mineski even show up??
GoSuMali wrote at 03.04.2012, 12:01 CEST:
I am not sure why only two teams can qualify from America and three for Asia O_O
cecek wrote at 03.04.2012, 12:02 CEST:
inb4 it's a event and joinDOTA can't cover it again.... T_T
Wawewa wrote at 03.04.2012, 12:04 CEST:
geoa4 wrote:
why only the top two from america? (note: i'm not american)

Because there's only two "pure" top teams in America? EG is region mixed and might reform.
goblind wrote at 03.04.2012, 12:04 CEST:
It makes sense. Good thing, another big tourney.
Captain'HerO wrote at 03.04.2012, 12:06 CEST:
what da fuq is this... kick out dts and take darer in...
yoshi- wrote at 03.04.2012, 12:12 CEST:
This will just be 3 seperate tournament?
So no matches between them?
JuiCe- wrote at 03.04.2012, 12:17 CEST:
Old news
8ball_bg wrote at 03.04.2012, 12:25 CEST:
Does someone know how long will this be? A year or?
TobiWanKenobi wrote at 03.04.2012, 12:27 CEST:
cecek wrote:
inb4 it's a event and joinDOTA can't cover it again.... T_T

Nope...we have FULL permission to cover this on joinDOTA, I will be streaming majority of the games

(Apart from that week when I am in america -- **after the 16th**)
OathKeeper wrote at 03.04.2012, 12:35 CEST:
where is MUFC?
Reap wrote at 03.04.2012, 12:38 CEST:
No MUFC? :(
T-Rotzer wrote at 03.04.2012, 12:39 CEST:
i want what is dusa saying!
mezuu wrote at 03.04.2012, 12:42 CEST:
Fnatic Team would like tu see in europe are still wondering what they can do
Jaywalker wrote at 03.04.2012, 12:44 CEST:
Sorry no MUFC cause I can only give one slot to Malaysia :(
pzy-clone wrote at 03.04.2012, 12:44 CEST:
I like the website.

A lot.

(compared to starladder's)
Diamond9091 wrote at 03.04.2012, 12:51 CEST:
What the hell man MUFC > Orange anyday ... why only 1 for Malaysia dude. Maybe you want Mineski to catch attention from Pinoys. Even though I am Vietnamese but I have to say SB is very weak now. Please find a way to invite MUFC =) And btw why DTS instead of Darer?
EHOME wrote at 03.04.2012, 12:51 CEST:
tobi will cast thisss!!!!!
im so excited to see this one
iNc.Lacoste.GG wrote at 03.04.2012, 12:52 CEST:
Mufc pls :D
Captain_Crunch wrote at 03.04.2012, 12:52 CEST:
Starsboba !! FUCK YEAH !!! Best team on the planet <3
AEON.XtReM1St wrote at 03.04.2012, 12:54 CEST:
Uhh any possibility that AEON can get 1 of the 2 remaining slots?
justeH wrote at 03.04.2012, 12:56 CEST:
looks like a mean tourny :)
hextacy wrote at 03.04.2012, 12:59 CEST:
If darer doesn't make it, It will be a big blow for alot of people. Darer beat m5 and yet they don't even get invited.
Sparks wrote at 03.04.2012, 13:00 CEST:
go dignitas

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