EG crowned first jD Masters champion

posted by ReiNNNN, 4 years ago

After a rough two days journey in joinDOTA Masters I, eu Evil Geniuses defeated kz in straight games to be crowned the winner of the first joinDOTA Masters.

On their way to the Grand Final, Evil Geniuses defeated fr Western Wolves and eu Mousesports in the semis. on the other hand, took down ro Dignitas and se Counter Logic Gaming prior to the Grand Final.

The highlight of the tournament is undoubtedly the game between Evil Geniuses and Mousesports which lasted for 86 minutes. The game is such a nail-biter that a cult was started in our forums here to appreciate the A-game both teams brought to the table. Since words cannot express the epic-ness of the game, we shall let the VoD do all the talking.

joinDOTA was able to catch us Jimmy 'DeMoN' Ho shortly after the game:

It feels really great winning in such a close epic game. During the game itself felt really intense but in my mind I thought we would have to do some sort of "all out" thing. I continuously told MiSeRy to buy a Divine Rapier because I felt there was little to no chance of winning (good thing I was wrong *laughs*). Fear on the other hand, wanted to play it safe and in the end we pulled through.


Evil Geniuses will be walking away 500 Euros richer.

JoinDOTA Masters II will begin on the 24th of March at 16:15 CET. The first game will be between by Power Rangers and defending champion, eu Evil Geniuses.

Due to Na'Vi's tight schedule this weekend, they withdrew from joinDOTA Masters II and their spot has been replaced by Western Wolves. Na'Vi will be playing in joinDOTA Masters V. Brackets are available here.

Sources: Brackets, Participants

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_DaRkFoRcEs wrote at 23.03.2012, 03:37 CET:
ITS JUST EPIC...i really enjoy those games.Especially that semi-final EG vs Mouz:D
And as always i enjoy watching with the crazies commentators Tobi'n'Synd ♥ :))

edited by _DaRkFoRcEs at 24.03.2012, 13:01 CET
Abziz wrote at 23.03.2012, 03:38 CET:
the game against mouz had arround 30 buybacks
Annihilux wrote at 23.03.2012, 03:58 CET:
More NaVi games means more love. I'm glad they are willing to schedule NaVi into another Masters instead of dropping them entirely. jD ftw.
Manimon wrote at 23.03.2012, 04:27 CET:
Navi were already scheduled for 2 Masters ;)
Diamond9091 wrote at 23.03.2012, 05:11 CET:
#4 now I can only see 1 ...
Manimon wrote at 23.03.2012, 05:14 CET:
Because they withdrew from one
arek_mat wrote at 23.03.2012, 09:40 CET:
What a game, what a game!
In a way I'm glad that nav'i wasn't around it probable would end up with early push but instead we got an epic show ;)
Helga wrote at 23.03.2012, 10:38 CET:
is there any chance that the mouz-EG game will be uploaded in HD? 480p is giving me headaches ;)
Marre wrote at 23.03.2012, 12:12 CET:
thebaciomuna wrote at 23.03.2012, 13:34 CET:
saw it yesterday night..
congratz EG!
nice casting Tobi & Synd!
qikink wrote at 23.03.2012, 13:48 CET:
Fantastic games for the first JD masters cup. I don't know if the teams can put up these kinds of games on a regular basis, but if they can, DotA is going to be huge!
yoshtinz wrote at 23.03.2012, 18:27 CET:
IMHO,trixi is very great farmer for sure,but if the games goes late,he fail carry his team ftw in some match.his morph with +800 last hit is awesome but cant rip EG.also his lifestealer in match against AL who got so fat but mouz losing......
ILAILAxy wrote at 24.03.2012, 02:33 CET:
Maelk :DDDDDDD !
Frazzlehoon wrote at 24.03.2012, 10:43 CET:
That was SUCH a good game. I wonder what would have happened if either team went for Rapier earlier on. :o
Snowowl wrote at 24.03.2012, 10:54 CET:
it's a legendary game i think every dota player should watch it and let's not forget about our amazing
commentator Tobi'n'Synd i mean wow guys you are the best
MY-DeaD wrote at 24.03.2012, 18:47 CET:
chinese robot will master dota 2...dota 1 conquer..will see soon..<3 Na`vi.

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