Yaphets reconfirmed in ECAL

posted by Tezzeret, 4 years ago
-Update 2-

World Elite team manager has reconfirmed Yaphets participation. The misunderstanding is due to a miscommunication.



joinDOTA has received insiders that Yaphets will not be playing for World Elite. According to WE team manager, Yaphets initially agreed to play but has been missing in action since. World Elite has assigned their own player to play in the showmatch against Captain Planet. The organizers are still trying to get in contact with Yaphets. We will update the news as more information becomes available.


Highly regarded as one of the best Shadow Fiend players in the world, he even had his name immortalized in WC3 DotA as it was used as a fun name for Shadow Fiend, cn Yaphets will make an appearance with World Elite for a showmatch against team us Captain Planet.

cn Team World Elite will be playing in a showmatch against up and coming team Captain Planet which will feature famous North American players such as PowerNet, 1437 and Koreya. The team that comes out on top in this Best of Three showmatch will walk away with $800.

Yaphets' performance level in Dota 2 is unknown at the moment, but given that a majority of China's best have started training on Dota 2 and if his WC3 DotA career is any indication, we may see World Elite putting up a good fight.

This showmatch will be a kick off match for the newly formed Elite Cyber Athelete League and will be streamed in English and in Chinese. The English stream will be done via Own3d.tv while the Chinese stream will be provided by PLU on the 24th of March at 1300 CET.

JoinDOTA will be reaching out to the organizers of ECAL to broadcast the official English livestream for this showmatch. Stay tuned to joinDOTA for more developments.

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xkytp wrote at 20.03.2012, 16:25 CET:
gogo KoReYa- <3
Manimon wrote at 20.03.2012, 16:25 CET:
GO USA ! ! !
JuzForFun wrote at 20.03.2012, 16:28 CET:
Yaphets VS powerNet
YaphetS_.FaN wrote at 20.03.2012, 16:32 CET:
IDOL !!!!! :D YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Diamond9091 wrote at 20.03.2012, 16:35 CET:
not sure if YaphetS knows how to play Dota2 or not >D
KwaadCore wrote at 20.03.2012, 16:35 CET:
We get to see Yaphets AND Power.net :D:D Been waaaaaay to long since we have seen guys like these playing.
Xezko wrote at 20.03.2012, 16:36 CET:
i hope they pick sf for pis : D
Trick wrote at 20.03.2012, 16:37 CET:
Gotta see the SF
aflatoon wrote at 20.03.2012, 16:38 CET:
cant wait for it!! :) <3
SketchBook wrote at 20.03.2012, 16:40 CET:
own3d.tv = Tobi streaming? Hope so :)
TobiWanKenobi wrote at 20.03.2012, 16:43 CET:
SketchBook wrote:
own3d.tv = Tobi streaming? Hope so :)

We are checking to see if we can provide a joinDOTA stream for this, will update you when we know
bodGe wrote at 20.03.2012, 16:54 CET:
Woah, nice to see YaphetS! Will this be his official return? Chinese Invasion!
8ball_bg wrote at 20.03.2012, 17:44 CET:

an2ny_slash wrote at 20.03.2012, 17:46 CET:
WhlteFang wrote at 20.03.2012, 17:48 CET:
I have a feeling that this will be SF vs Morphling game.
GbM_Scythe.SG wrote at 20.03.2012, 18:11 CET:
What i afraid the most is the NETWORK LAGGY issues. This had indeed caused much of the trouble.
SuN_DaWn wrote at 20.03.2012, 19:25 CET:
OMG YAPHETS IS BACK! Cant Wait until i see him play (with sf).
Moriczka wrote at 20.03.2012, 19:33 CET:
He is truely a dota legend. He's arguably the best solo mid player ever. In his prime his SF was incredible. I expect him to play SF
Congo wrote at 20.03.2012, 19:34 CET:
wow finally dota2 can compete with dota1 excitement-wise
zQuirt wrote at 20.03.2012, 19:36 CET:
magicwing94730 wrote at 20.03.2012, 19:40 CET:
the chinese train with dota2 almost everyday, so no worries on their performance but the heroes that dominate the chinese circuit like LD and Lycan r not present so their permormance might be a little limited
MaginaMonologues wrote at 20.03.2012, 20:50 CET:
Ahhh... at last, the asian fanbois start coming out in droves... =P
Aprior1.MoneY wrote at 20.03.2012, 21:08 CET:
GO Powernet, GO 1437, GO Hoalua gogogo <3
nitestryker wrote at 20.03.2012, 23:02 CET:
GrinnValesti wrote at 21.03.2012, 02:38 CET:
PowerNet... and YaphetS!

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