Star Series round 1 wrap-up

posted by heiki, 4 years ago

The first round of the SLTV Star Series has concluded with few surprises. The favourites generally won, though upsets included Western Wolves defeating Asian dark horses, and the rising American squad It's Gosu taking out the well-established Evil Geniuses.

Due to the league's staggered schedule, much of the second round has already been played. Concurrent with the round 1 matches were 6 of 8 matches from round 2. Noteworthy results from the second round include Team Infused's upset over mTw, and Quantic's loss to, considering Quantic's recent success in other tournaments.

The teams have been duking it out for the top four spots in the league, for a chance to compete in the Grand Finals in Kiev. Na'Vi currently sits at the top of the table, though not all teams have caught up in games played. Third place is an eleven-way tie with teams Dignitas, It's Gosu, and CLG off to great starts, while Quantic, DTS, and Darer have performed below expectations.

Round 1

Time (CET)
12/03 19:00se CLG (1:0) se Infused
12/03 20:00ua DTS (1:0) ua e-Sahara
13/03 18:00rs Fnatic (0:1) by PR
13/03 19:00kz (0:1) fr WW
14/03 18:00us It's Gosu (1:0) dk EG
14/03 18:00se mTw (0:1) ro Dignitas
16/03 18:00ua Na'Vi (1:0) ru Darer
16/03 20:00de Mouz (0:1) dk Quantic

Round 2

Time (CET)
13/03 20:00dk EG (1:0) fr WW
14/03 18:00by PR (0:1) eu Mouz
14/03 19:00ru DTS (0:1) ua Na'Vi
14/03 20:00se Infused (1:0) eu mTw
15/03 17:00dk Quantic (0:1) kz
15/03 18:00ua E-Sahara (1:0) rs Fnatic
18/03 18:00ru Darer vs. se CLG
21/03 18:00ro Dignitas vs. us It's Gosu

Our pick for the noteworthy game of the week is ua Na'Vi vs ru Darer, which was undoubtedly the most anticipated match of rounds 1 and 2. Na'Vi once again showed why many consider them the best team in Dota 2, at the expense of Darer, who have continued to perform below the expectations set by their pedigree.

Dire (Na'Vi)
Radiant (Darer)

The Ukrainian team relied on their classic map-control and push-oriented style with a Stealth Assassin in place of their famous Antimage, while Darer opted for a fearsome teamfight lineup with Weaver to provide lategame right-click power.

After a standard early game, Na'Vi's slick midgame style managed to shine through as it always does, and they claimed themselves both bottom lane barracks by the 24th minute of the game. Though Darer eventually pushed Na'Vi out of their base, and punished their opponents for a slight over-extension, Na'Vi managed to maintain their total map control, which allowed them to keep the Aegis on Xboct's Riki at all times and continually increase the item gap between him and Santa's Weaver.

While losing bottom barracks was the beginning of the end for the Russian superstars, Darer's chances were snuffed out entirely after a failed smoke gank through middle lane gave Riki his BKB; from then on the game was a methodical march toward victory for the world champions Na'Vi. Artstyle and Dread were eventually caught out in the middle lane -- an inevitable occurrence given Na'Vi's complete map control -- and Na'Vi promptly took the cue to push all the way to the throne.

Na'Vi vs Darer and all Star Series VoDs can be found on Star Ladder's website, here.


ua Na'Vi
dk EG
se CLG
ro Dignitas
us It's Gosu
ua e-Sahara
se Infs
by PR
fr WW
de Mouz
ua DTS
dk Quantic
ru Darer
se mTw
rs Fnatic

*Table rankings are based on round 1 and round 2 (so far) results only.

ru Darer vs se CLG and ro Dignitas vs us It's Gosu have been scheduled for the upcoming week, and their conclusion will wrap up the second round.

Most of the round 3 matches will play out next week as well. A schedule is provided below, though we suggest you keep an eye on our matchticker to keep up with any last-minute changes.

Ayesee and Draskyll will be providing the official English cast for next week. Make sure to tune in!

Round 3
  • 16/03 - EG vs. Quantic
  • 17/03 - vs. PR
  • 17/03 - Mouz vs. e-Sahara
  • 18/03 - NWW vs. Dignitas
  • 19/03 - Fnatic vs. DTS
  • 21/03 - mTw vs. Darer
  • 21/03 - It's Gosu vs. Infs
  • 22/03 - Na'Vi vs. CLG

The full schedule and standings can be found on Star Ladder's official site.

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kempol wrote at 17.03.2012, 08:11 CET:
wow Navi :D
melvinwaaa wrote at 17.03.2012, 08:41 CET:
Until Valve sets stable servers for Asia, don't expect EHOME whooping Na`Vi's asses anytime soon.

GJ Natus Vincere!
Helga wrote at 17.03.2012, 09:08 CET:
Navi - Darer was on 16/03, and Darer - CLG is on 18/03 :) thanks for the summary anyway :)
Daraven wrote at 17.03.2012, 11:12 CET:
Darer performed under expectations? Maybe people should stop overrating Darer until they achieve something.
V4rzil wrote at 17.03.2012, 11:48 CET:
Darer way to much overrated.
luckily Ayesee and draskyll will cast next week, really like this 2 guys ;D
gonna be some epic matches!! can't wait to see Na`Vi vs CLG.
markmagus28 wrote at 17.03.2012, 11:48 CET:
Daraven wrote:
Darer performed under expectations? Maybe people should stop overrating Darer until they achieve something.

Totally agree with this guy...+100000000000 They are bunch of overrated and exaggerated players ;D
windzor wrote at 17.03.2012, 12:03 CET:
Most important news is Ayesee casting the matches hopefully that will mean good coverage for all matches! Though i'll miss Maelks casts of the game.
Aprior1.MoneY wrote at 17.03.2012, 12:09 CET:
melvinwaaa wrote:
Until Valve sets stable servers for Asia, don't expect EHOME whooping Na`Vi's asses anytime soon.

GJ Natus Vincere!

Til Valve sets stable servers for Asia, i expect to see Na'Vi whooping some chinese asses :P
SerAphAYne wrote at 17.03.2012, 12:23 CET:
There were no "upsets" IMO, other than Quantics loss. WW vs could go either way and so mtW vs Infs.
WildDance wrote at 17.03.2012, 13:43 CET:
if somebody doesn't know, i can tell that Artstyle wasn't the last person for Na'Vi to win the International. And m5 including NS Dread God and Santa played at the same level as Na'Vi. So don't tell they are overrated.
Svyatoi111 wrote at 17.03.2012, 15:10 CET:
melvinwaaa wrote:
Until Valve sets stable servers for Asia, don't expect EHOME whooping Na`Vi's asses anytime soon.

GJ Natus Vincere!

They whooped EHOME asses every time they met on any DOTA 2 tournament, including LAN, so I wouldn't be so optimistic about them, + I heard they changed their roaster or something...

xxHEADHUNTERZxx wrote at 17.03.2012, 16:45 CET:
Na'Vi FTW!!!!
Mystress wrote at 17.03.2012, 22:40 CET:
Its Team Infused, not Infused Gaming.
theronin wrote at 18.03.2012, 00:36 CET:
these matches are not even in the quarter final, so the team level's differences are not clearly distinguished here; I wouldn't judge whether Darer or Na`Vi which team is better until I see one of them enter the grand final.

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