Shadow Demon out of Test

posted by HolyMaster, 4 years ago

As promised, Valve has delivered the changes from Dota 2 Test yesterday to Dota 2. Shadow Demon has been added to the tournament version of the game although it is not enabled in Captain's Mode. Shadow Demon is expected to be activated in the mode next week. 6.74 changes will also be added into tournament version next week.


A big update for the Dota 2 test version has just been released. It includes all balance changes from DotA 6.74 and a new hero, Shadow Demon. As announced last week, the patch is going to be implemented into the normal Dota 2 tomorrow, if no major issues occur.

The WC3 Map DotA 6.74 got published about a week ago and made a lot of balance increasements. The very same adjustments are implemented into Dota 2 now. Unlike three months ago, when 6.73 got released, tournaments will be affected this time as well. Valve announced, that the tournament version will be updated to the 6.74 balance next week. This will certainly cause a huge change in the metagame.

The second big news tonight is the introduction of Shadow Demon. Being a very popular pick in DotA, he will be seen a lot in both publics and clan wars. Shadow Demon was also considered a big counter to Anti-Mage back in WC3 DotA.

Other highlights include:
  • Added support for Shared Unit Control.
  • Added support for Disable Help.
  • Fixed illusion kill crediting.
  • Added copy + paste support.

Sources: Full Changelog, DotA 6.74 Changelog

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DuTcHMaN. wrote at 14.03.2012, 23:46 CET:
Ah Shadow Demon :) cool!
d3r_I3enny wrote at 14.03.2012, 23:56 CET:
i so love the balance changes =)
freddiemercury wrote at 14.03.2012, 23:59 CET:
SD ♥
MenSe wrote at 15.03.2012, 00:09 CET:
SD and 6.47 balances next week for tournaments!!! can wait to see it in cmmm!!
Lactose wrote at 15.03.2012, 00:15 CET:
where's his head?
joyjoy wrote at 15.03.2012, 00:36 CET:
its skull, from that angle isnt that much visible
but theres problem with that priority change, now even practise w/o bots loads over 20 mins and nothing, no server found yet.... still its test, but pretty buggy one
Wil5onX wrote at 15.03.2012, 00:51 CET:
any news on how long dota 2 will be down?
LordBlaze32 wrote at 15.03.2012, 00:54 CET:
We shall wait and see whether Invoker makes it out of the ban pool :D
Mysteh wrote at 15.03.2012, 01:35 CET:
SD > Antimage finaly :d
villainsinker wrote at 15.03.2012, 03:24 CET:
is he brother to pugna?
KrakeN.p2y wrote at 15.03.2012, 03:39 CET:
wolfgank wrote at 15.03.2012, 04:04 CET:
ah another imba hero, here comes the shower of pain.
pusangiring08 wrote at 15.03.2012, 04:42 CET:
cool :)
GbM_Scythe.SG wrote at 15.03.2012, 04:57 CET:
As expected.
Raistelin wrote at 15.03.2012, 06:01 CET:
hope to see some Shadow Demon action in the tourneys
_hANS wrote at 15.03.2012, 07:14 CET:
Here we go.
SaLvAtIoN wrote at 15.03.2012, 07:34 CET:
If SD were to solo mid, OD is the best counter against it.
Keep stealing its intel, with little mana n damage its be hard to micro a creep
Mooob wrote at 15.03.2012, 07:38 CET:
he was never that popular of a pub pic where I played, actully most of the time I took him then when I got bored nobody touched him, but o well now he is hyped in dota2 like he is a god
SerAphAYne wrote at 15.03.2012, 07:50 CET:
Best support there is.
Airith wrote at 15.03.2012, 09:06 CET:
mooob, I hope you realize that for a long perioed just before dota2 got major exposure shadow demon had a 100% pick or ban at competetive level, no wonder he is somewhat hyped. And popular pub picks is well... pubs.
MondE wrote at 15.03.2012, 09:50 CET:
my favorite hero...:)
WhlteFang wrote at 15.03.2012, 10:58 CET:
A purple Ghost Rider, without a bike.
LinearA wrote at 15.03.2012, 11:10 CET:
Model needs to be darker like the concept art.
mpunkt wrote at 15.03.2012, 11:10 CET:
Friggin' SD... He's somewhat like Dark Seer, just alot more anoying to play against.
Helga wrote at 15.03.2012, 11:37 CET:
he is one of the most annoying heros to lane against :/ but looking forward to see a few pro matches with him :)

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