eQual: “bootcamping” is normal practice

posted by Blue_Knight, 4 years ago
After pulling off their biggest coup yet at the weekend, famously taking down ua Na'Vi in last weekend's Dignitas Invitational Dota 2 tournament on his team's march to the final, its only right that the spotlight now falls onto one of the scene's most underexposed teams. Now, the mastermind and captain of kz NEXT.kz. who orchestrated several unexpected victories against big teams using unconventional strategies, Andrey 'eQual' Railyan, gives us in insight into his team and life in this interview with prodota.ru, translated by joinDOTA.

Hello, eQual. How are you feeling?

Hi, I’m fine.

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

My name is Andrey Railyan, I'm 21 years old, and I've been playing DotA for about 6 years. I recently graduated from university and now I'm an engineer - in short, everything is great!

What do you do in your spare time? Do you play matchmaking alone or do you go about your personal life?

Yes, I do a bit of everything ... Matchmaking is not something I do in my “spare time”. If I am playing then I am busy.

Tell us about your team. Is it true you're all playing together at bootcamp now?

We all live in the same city, so “bootcamping” is normal practice for us. We play very often - an average of 5 days per week for 8 hours at a time. But at the moment, one player (Ronin) has been forced to leave on business for a couple of weeks, plus, there are the March holidays, so we have hardly practiced. But generally speaking, we play together for half the year.

eQual (centre) with his team

So, with no practice you took victory against some of the tournament favorites, such as Na'Vi and Darer? And who replaced Ronin in these games?

Yes, we were almost unprepared. We played some games the day before the tournament and watched a couple of games Darer played. But Na'Vi's style is something I think everybody knows. Ronin was replaced by Black, a rather old-school German player. In my opinion, he is a good fit in our team.

Tell us about your win against the favorite for the tournament – Na'Vi. Looking at the bets, your chances of winning were rated only at 18%. What was the key to victory - a good rush, or united actions of the team?

Well, the main reason, of course, was the remake. * pokes tongue * In fact, I would like to apologize to the players from Na'Vi for our problem with the water pipe. As for the game, we just tried not to make mistakes and to impose a fight on their towers, and not to give up control of the map. In addition, we have thought through every fight, and it was especially hard trying to control Enigma. The most important factor for our success, I think, was our moral commitment to win, because even when we gave them Roshan, we continued pushing and won it overall.

Tell me more about the incident with the water pipe.

We play together in a club and some water pipes are fixed onto the ceiling. At one point, one of the pipes burst and water poured on the computers ...After a while, we were transferred to different computers, but two of ours players could not rejoin the game. Tobi tried to reload the game with a recent save, but it didn't work and the Na'Vi agreed to remake the game from the beginning. That's the story.

What exactly went wrong in the finals against Evil Geniusues? Mantis said that you're on the same skill level as them. Do you agree with him? What were the reasons for your defeat?

I think we were beat by their strategy, rather than their skill. Our opponents took a Tidehunter as carry, and he almost beat us solo with his fast Pipe [of Insight]. In the second match, they suddenly took Roshan [before the creeps spawned], which gave them a considerable advantage.

In the second game you picked Tiny. Was it a well trained strategy, or did you decide to improvise, but not succeed?

It was not a trained strategy; we just decided to try such a pick. Unfortunately I failed badly.

Also you picked Tidehunter in the second game. Why didn’t you take the game under control with your enemies’ tactics? Or were you supposed to win with ganks from Queen of Pain and Tiny?

We never used Tidehunter as a carry, so we decided to play standard game. But our opponents were ready for anything and just didn’t give our triple a chance to push.

Let's digress from the tournament. What hero is your team waiting for the most [to be added to Dota 2]?

I do not think that we are waiting for any hero, but I personally would like to see Icarus [Phoehnx] as soon as possible.

In the original DotA there were only few cases of people picking Phoenix. Are you going to use it?

If it is added then everybody will use it!

Who is your favorite singer/band?

Linkin Park.

Your favorite actor?

Bruce Willis.

Your favourite film?

Star Wars - all the parts.

Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends or Realm of the Titans?

HoN, <3 Magebane.

What's the most interesting thing that ever happened to you?

I once dropped from the second floor of a building on my back. The cartoons in my eyes were quite interesting...

That concludes this interview. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us, I wish you continued success and I think we’ll soon hear about your team again.
Do you have any final words?

I would like to give my regards to everyone who has watched our games and supported us - prodota in particular. And of course, many thanks to our sponsors.

Sources: prodota.ru - Original interview

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LordBlaze32 wrote at 15.03.2012, 12:14 CET:
Good read :]
musmatta wrote at 15.03.2012, 12:37 CET:
Icarus? You cant be serious ..
Dougzera wrote at 15.03.2012, 13:10 CET:
musmatta wrote:
Icarus? You cant be serious ..

tell me why
Shoryueppa wrote at 15.03.2012, 13:34 CET:
I think his heal and disarm are undervalued personally, and the ult is great if you can get it off.
aut.taker wrote at 15.03.2012, 13:38 CET:
"I once dropped from the second floor of a building on my back. The cartoons in my eyes were quite interesting..."

Badass :D
RibljaCorba wrote at 15.03.2012, 23:17 CET:
Not bad
BoMbaStiXxX wrote at 16.03.2012, 12:03 CET:
Blue_Knight wrote:
In the original DotA there were only few cases of people picking Phoenix. Are you going to use it?

Phoenix isn't even in the pool of available heroes in -cm...

edited by BoMbaStiXxX at 16.03.2012, 12:12 CET
Unnefable wrote at 16.03.2012, 17:34 CET:
really enjoy watching next.kz playing and after reading this interview i'm even more of a fanboy :)
redpyro wrote at 16.03.2012, 19:18 CET:
What's with the guy asking the questions? Phoenix isn't available in -cm yet, I wish he was but he isn't, which means he won't be added to DotA 2 anytime soon.

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