TTB replaces Quantic in Dignitas Cup

posted by ReiNNNN, 4 years ago

Two days before the tournament begins, dk Quantic Gaming has informed joinDOTA that they have decided to drop out of the tournament.

In a statement given by Quantic team manager, dk Gaelle 'MystresS' Pavillon, she mentioned that the team has dropped out of the tournament to take some rest in preparation for a bigger tournament. "We would like to get some rest after the end of The Defense and will be concentrating on bigger tournaments such as Starladder Star Series", says MystresS.

Former Quantic member (formerly known as dd) dk Alexander 'CalculuS' Rathcke and his new team, dk The Tough Bananas will be replacing Quantic and go up against ru DTS in the first round of the tournament.

Tournament organizer, be Piet 'Sui' Smet has this to say:

Quantic Gaming have informed us that they are unable to ensure a five man lineup this weekend due to real life commitment of several players from their roster and thus their departure from this tournament. Therefore we replaced them with a team from the public voting list which is The Tough Bananas, the first team in the list who are available this weekend. We are looking forward to an awesome cup with hopefully some epic action.


Dignitas Cup will start on the 10th of March beginning from 15:00 CET. joinDOTA will be providing you with the exclusive English coverage of the tournament. Not to forget, au Toby 'Tobi Wan' Dawson will also go on a shoutcasting marathon for Razer Dota 2 Tournament and the Dignitas Cup this weekend all for you.

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Curdi wrote at 08.03.2012, 23:44 CET:
Roster for TTB?
Brillan wrote at 08.03.2012, 23:53 CET:
I think it is





Q.ex wrote at 08.03.2012, 23:55 CET:
yaaaaaaay calc!
Balsam wrote at 09.03.2012, 01:26 CET:
Shit just got real :O
megadeth00 wrote at 09.03.2012, 02:42 CET:

No EG vs QG in 2nd round, it's ok.
V4rzil wrote at 09.03.2012, 07:57 CET:
what a nice name :O the tough bananas :D
jogjog54321 wrote at 09.03.2012, 11:22 CET:
looking forward for epic game!! lolxD
Einhorn wrote at 09.03.2012, 16:50 CET:
CALC 4TW! <33
Leartes wrote at 09.03.2012, 18:00 CET:
Now this is something I'd like to see more often. Don't play when you don't have time. Don't use 2+ standins or fuck the schedule. Well done Quantic :)

GL bananas and I hope we'll see good Quantic soon.
Aprior1.MoneY wrote at 09.03.2012, 20:30 CET:
CALC got this shizzame <3 and respects
GrinnValesti wrote at 11.03.2012, 01:55 CET:
Dignitas will win Dignitas Cup! <3

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