TongFu welcomes Lanm

posted by ReiNNNN, 4 years ago
In December 2011, professional Chinese players started leaving the legendary team EHOME due to personal reasons and the team is all set for disbandment. However, a week after the news was released, EHOME manager, cn Wen Yi '71' Tang, came out stating that the team will reform with the remaining players rather than just disband. This however, did not happen.

After weeks of circulation around the Chinese forums, the rumour has finally been confirmed as former EHOME player, cn Zhi Cheng 'Lanm' Zhang, has decided to join cn TongFu. As a result of this addition, cn Shun Xing 'Gx' Gao has been removed from the team although no reason was given as to why he was chosen.

After much negotiation, Lanm has confirmed his decision to join TongFu and is due to arrive in the training base in about a week time. Thanks for all the fans support.

With this pick up, the only member from the ex-EHOME squad which have not found a new home is now with a team. Former teammates cn Zeng Rong 'Dai' Lei, cn Jia Qi 'Crystal' Shen and cn Yi '357' Yao went separate ways after the disbandment but reunited a few weeks ago when cn CLC was formed.

Since TongFu's venture into eSports much like LGD before them a year ago, they acquired a second-tier DotA team and they participated in most of the local Chinese tournaments and most recently G-1 tournament and Dream Cup and has yet to show any results.

Lanm burst into the international scene during The International where he was playing under the nickname, PLT for EHOME. His flawless performance throughout the course of the tournament stunned viewers all around the world and carried his team to place second in the million dollar tournament.

TongFu team roster:

cn Kai 'Kabu' Zhao
cn Jin Ming '121' Kang
cn Jun Cheng 'molu' Wang
cn Jian '1037' Cui
cn Zhi Cheng 'Lanm' Zhang

Sources: QQ

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Ryze wrote at 01.03.2012, 09:33 CET:
Great pickup. Lanm is one of the most skilled players around
HSmokKe wrote at 01.03.2012, 09:35 CET:
GbM_Scythe.SG wrote at 01.03.2012, 11:19 CET:
But this CLAN not quite ACTIVE at the scene for most of the time.
Unnefable wrote at 01.03.2012, 11:49 CET:
Wish the chinese would pick up dota2...i'd love to see more from these guys
SaiXiS wrote at 01.03.2012, 12:44 CET:
Anyone knows any news about X!! or FCB ?
waitforit92 wrote at 01.03.2012, 13:01 CET:
'espescially his storm spirit'

i think you got something wrong there SS is usually played by Dai. The core trio of EHOME heroes in the international are Storm(Dai), Doom(FCB) and Nature's Prophet, with PLT playing the last one.

In fact i've just double checked. PLT NEVER played storm spirit in the international.

edited by waitforit92 at 01.03.2012, 13:07 CET
waitforit92 wrote at 01.03.2012, 13:05 CET:
SaiXiS wrote:
Anyone knows any news about X!! or FCB ?

' Former teammates Zeng Rong 'Dai' Lei, Jia Qi 'Crystal' Shen and Yi '357' Yao went separate ways after the disbandment but reunited a few weeks ago when CLC was formed. '

FCB=Crystal Dai=X!!!

i99 wrote at 01.03.2012, 13:18 CET:
gl to them
SaiXiS wrote at 01.03.2012, 13:26 CET:
Yeah I am. I just saw them at the International and wanted to know where the hell did they go..
Right in front of me btw =s

And some players usually change their nicknames, so why shouldn´t I ask?

Thanks for the support
jD.Slesh wrote at 01.03.2012, 13:28 CET:
The article is indeed a bit misleading. The heroes that LaNm is known for are Sand King, Beastmaster and Tiny. He impressed the most with a solo offlane Tiny in the opening game against iG, solokilling xiao8's Weaver.
Ryze wrote at 01.03.2012, 13:43 CET:
#10 Remember that weaver was a broken hero at international. Able to move with 522 ms AND attacking at the same time when using shushuki
Mantis. wrote at 01.03.2012, 14:02 CET:
Fixed :) Thanx for reporting !!
Sh1ny- wrote at 01.03.2012, 14:09 CET:
eggtat-ec- wrote at 01.03.2012, 14:55 CET:
gl to them
Captain_Crunch wrote at 01.03.2012, 15:38 CET:
GbM_Scythe.SG wrote:
But this CLAN not quite ACTIVE at the scene for most of the time.

Go search recent Gosugamers replays, there's tons of TongFu.
redefhist wrote at 01.03.2012, 16:54 CET:
any source that Gx is leaving?
and is 1037 keke?

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