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Being two of the most old school players around, dk Troels 'syndereN' Nielsen and sk Michal 'Tulex' Zima are among one of the most recognizable names in the competitive scene. With both playing for mTw at present time, the duo has brought tonnes of innovative ideas and strats to conquer, and coupled with their insight to the game, mTw is now a powerhouse to be reckon with.

cz 'Fazy' from Dasnet has took time to sit down with both these old school players to talk about their Dota history, and some of the recent and upcoming strats being used in the competitive world of late. Since the interview has been published in Czech, joinDOTA will be providing you with the English version to this interview.

Hello, Synderen and Tulex, I am really grateful that you've agreed on participating in this interview. Could you please introduce yourselves a little bit for the beginning?

syndereN: Sure. Hey guys, I'm Troels 'syndereN' Nielsen, captain of mTw. In Dota 2, I both practice and play competitive matches with my team, stream game play (link at the end of the interview) and commentate at joinDOTA. Aside from gaming, I study English on fourth semester. I am 22 years old.

Tulex: Hey, my name is Michal Zima, in DotA world better known as Tulex. Im 20 years old at the moment and I study sociology and journalistics in Brno, Czech republic, but I live in Slovakia.

Both of you’ve been in DotA scene for a long time, what about a short summary of your DotA history?

syndereN: Tulex is way more old-school than me as far as competitive play goes. I guess you could say I started in real competition after dmZ split up. I was playing in DotAInvite back then, and was hungry for competiton. I asked MaNia- to suggest me if anyone needed another player for their team, and Kebap contacted me. That's how I really got in, and I've stayed in ever since.I played in teams such as EnRo, Online Kingdom and mousesports in DotA, and in Dota 2 I captained nevo at 'The International' and Wild Honey Badgers at DreamHack Winter 2011, which we ended up winning. This is how we got in touch with mTw, who I am really happy to represent!

Tulex: I play Dota competitively for around 5-6 years, over 4 of which I spent in SGC. We had some good results in the international scene, being one of the top teams in Europe for a long period of time. The achievements I appreciate the most are 3rd place @ MYM PriDe tournament and 2nd plays @ EEDC. Now I have joined an international team for the first time in mTw.

So, let's talk about mTw for a while now. What are your main goals, what do you focus on in training and how do you feel about team's chemistry/teamwork? And Tulex, what’s it like to be in an international team for the first time in your life?

syndereN: Unfortunately right now, Grunt is having some PC problems which he should be resolving soon, but they are preventing us from practicing with our full squad. Everyone else stays on their toes, though; we practice with various stand-ins and just generally play a lot to keep up. As far as team chemistry and teamwork goes, we get along well. We are serious about practice, but still have a good time and share the same kind of humour which is always a great thing. *laughs* In relation to goals, we have the goals as everyone else, I guess. We aim to place as high as possible in future tournaments, but we know that the competition is getting tougher. Once Grunt gets back on track, we'll be going through some really dedicated practice to catch up.

Tulex: I think our main goal at the moment is to find our place back in between the best teams in the Dota2 world. We need to get a teamplay going and also I think some players are getting used to slightly different roles from time to time. I like our team chemistry considering we didn’t play that much together yet. As for myself playing in an international team for the first time, it’s a lot different. Not speaking in your first language, and also not knowing the guys that much yet (I pretty much knew everyone I played with in SGC in person, or some of them happened to be my brother (shoutout to Warlog). But it’s getting less and less awkward the more we play together.

syndereN with Wild Honey Badgers in Dreamhack 2011

Speaking about roles, I believe you two are mostly seen on solo lanes, am I right?

Tulex: Ye, synd fell in love with my Windrunner and didn’t want to let me play anything but her at first, so I kept that role. *smiles*

syndereN: Tulex and I both enjoy playing solo lanes, but we are not directly locked to any specific setup. We aim to be flexible as far as laning goes, while we of course specialise in different roles. Also, Tulex's Windrunner is sexy, but then again: whose Windrunner isn't sexy?

Is there any specific style or strategy you enjoy playing?

syndereN: I'm really a fan of solid aggression. Strong lanes, good pushing power and teamfight. It's how most teams play these days, the games rarely go into late late-game. The team which in my mind excels the most at this playstyle is Na`Vi, whose coordination and drafting are just extraordinary.

Tulex: I’m not sure if we will talk about our strategies here, but as for myself I enjoy strats with a lot of stuns and a fast-paced, aggressive style of play.

Maelk linked an article, which basically says that e-sports should be considered and viewed on in society as regular sports. Do you agree?

syndereN: For e-sports to succeed the mentality in society towards gaming needs to change, which is gradually happening, in my opinion. We could eventually reach a point at which e-sport is looked at as a regular sport, but things take time. Once that happens, though, the potential of e-sports will be huge. Increased media coverage should increase the awareness of the existence of this type of sports, and once the media start to really get interested, things could develop very quickly with coverage, sponsorships and a much larger fanbase.

Tulex: Yes, I agree, it would help a lot.

In next few weeks, OD will get in the tournament version. Do you think he will significantly affect metagame? He has seen some play in DotA 1 recently.

syndereN: He's a very powerful hero. Excellent teamfighter, good anti-carry, good solo, but does not provide so much for pushing apart from the aura. I could definitely see him getting some play when he's released, and I know Tulex loves to play him, so we'll definitely try him out!

Tulex: We played him a lot towards the end of DotA 1 tournaments in SGC and I became quite a fan of the hero. I think he might become a very viable hero, but I don’t think he’s gonna change the metagame drastically. We need to wait for Phantom Assassin for drastic changes.

In The Defense WB finals, EG.Fear picked King Leoric as a last pick in game 2 against Na'vi. What do you think about viability of this hero?

syndereN: Skeleton King is an interesting carry for the push-oriented play. He's strong in the lane because of his stun-slow combo, and scales well into the midgame with his critical strike. With the core build of Force Staff, his mobility is excellent as well. What makes him different from other carries in pushing is that he can "lead the charge." Since he has two lives, he can force the enemies into a fight with the Force Staff, but how do you focus against his team then? That's the challenge against SK, and his real strength over other carries. Of course, don't forget his aura either.

Tulex: I don’t know, I was never really that much into Skeleton King. He’s definitely viable, his ultimate makes him something special compared to other heroes and with the recent buff it’s gotten even stronger. As I said I never studied him that much, only thing I know is that every time I pick him in mm game, there’s some asshole insta-picking Magina on the enemy team.

Do you think Lina could be a reasonable pick in decent metagame? Mostly due to her spammable AoE stun and nuke power, she could turn around teamfights easily.

syndereN: She can work, but at least one concern for Lina as a support is that it's hard for her to be the "setup" hero. Other supports such as Vengeful Spirit, Earthshaker and Crystal Maiden can all act as initiators in gangs. Lina's stun is dodgable and you need to come in close, so there's a higher risk using her for gangs. So unlike the pushing wooders Enchantress and Chen, she provides no pushing power. Unlike the other core supports, she cannot initiate. She's much more situational, but CAN work.

Tulex: I’m a Lina fanboy and would love to see her comeback, but there are just better heroes for her role at the moment in my opinion.

Synderen, were you ever in Slovakia or at least Czech Republic? And Tulex, what about you, did you ever visit any of Scandinavian countries? And briefly, how many words in Czech (for Synderen) and in Swedish/Danish (for Tulex) you know?

syndereN: Cus! *laughs* I've never been to Slovakia or CZ, but I think it could be cool to visit! *smiles*

Tulex: No, I didn’t, but I would love to. Honestly Sweden and Denmark were one of the top countries I considered to visit, although I don’t like travelling that much. I can say god dag and fjolla fitta.

Now tell me what comes first into your mind to the following words:

Favourite hero?
syndereN: Gankers (can't pick one in particular)

Virtus Pro or Kingsurf International?
syndereN: VP
Tulex: VP

Favourite player/team?
syndereN: X!! / Na`Vi
Tulex: LightOfHeaven/Dendi sharing / Na`Vi

syndereN: Milk and Pepsi Twist for non-alcoholic/Galliano for alcoholic
Tulex: Water/Beer

syndereN: Pulp Fiction
Tulex: Pulp Fiction

syndereN: If favourite song means the one I've listened to the longest time in total, it's either In Flames - The Quiet Place or Nightwish - Ghost Love Score (Live)
Tulex: Bohemian Rhapsody

It's your time for last words, shoutouts etc. Any words you wish to send to your foes/devoted fans?

syndereN: To the fans: keep supporting! Follow my stream and Facebook/Twitter for live updates on anything related to what I do in DotA 2 (links below). To the foes: can't wait to play some official matches again; see you on the battlefield! Shoutout to our sponsors XMG, Eizo, Kaspersky and Sennheiser. Thanks!

Tulex: Shoutout to all the fans, I’m always happy to see people cheering us up. Also shoutout to mTw for taking me in and to our sponsors XMG, Sennheiser, Kaspersky and Eizo.

Sources: syndereN's stream, syndereN's Twitter, syndereN Facebook page

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GhostRealm.BlindSpot wrote at 29.02.2012, 08:35 CET:
22 y.o. and 20 y.o. are already considered the oldest players? awesome..
ReiNNNN wrote at 29.02.2012, 08:36 CET:
GhostRealm.BlindSpot wrote:
22 y.o. and 20 y.o. are already considered the oldest players? awesome..

Old school mate. Playing since 14 years old etc! :D
az1e wrote at 29.02.2012, 08:38 CET:
Impressive Swedish knowledge by Tulex :D
Great interview.
GhostRealm.BlindSpot wrote at 29.02.2012, 08:40 CET:
ReiNNNN wrote:
GhostRealm.BlindSpot wrote:
22 y.o. and 20 y.o. are already considered the oldest players? awesome..

Old school mate. Playing since 14 years old etc! :D

Read wrong haha. Was gonna say, just saw a 40 y.o. chinese player just then haha
V4rzil wrote at 29.02.2012, 09:07 CET:
hehe two Na`Vi fanboys ;) like :D
nice interview though, can't wait to see tulex sexy WR :D
KrakeN.p2y wrote at 29.02.2012, 09:58 CET:
I hope they'll do some crazy strats tomorrow.

If there will be a livestream :x
EUphorie wrote at 29.02.2012, 10:11 CET:
there will be livestream on
ContinueINC wrote at 29.02.2012, 10:18 CET:
"only thing I know is that every time I pick him in mm game, there’s some asshole insta-picking Magina on the enemy team." Happens everytime.
paraple wrote at 29.02.2012, 10:56 CET:
Synder likes In Flames? now i like him even more :D
Mysteh wrote at 29.02.2012, 11:05 CET:
Tulex držim palce proti DIGNITAS :)
WaeSoANGELIC wrote at 29.02.2012, 11:35 CET:
mTw Fighting!
DeRapist wrote at 29.02.2012, 11:35 CET:
ContinueINC wrote:
"only thing I know is that every time I pick him in mm game, there’s some asshole insta-picking Magina on the enemy team." Happens everytime.

True Story Bro
wyrmhunter wrote at 29.02.2012, 11:50 CET:
Epic shit. You really translated the Czech transaltion of an interview held in English to English? Why didn't you ask for the original?

edited by wyrmhunter at 29.02.2012, 12:10 CET
pzy-clone wrote at 29.02.2012, 12:00 CET:
paraple wrote:
Synder likes In Flames? now i like him even more :D

Watch his stream - he listens to In Flames and Nightwish mostly :)

Anyway, great interview and I hope mTw find their way back to the top :)

So, tomorrow they are playing with a stand-in instead of Grunt?
el_alcazar wrote at 29.02.2012, 12:26 CET:
Yeah they brought tonnes of innovative ideas, in which games again? Really stop crawling in peoples asses kinda disgusting. I know synderen is a great guy and a good friend of jD, but still they did not play anything up to know.
KrakeN.p2y wrote at 29.02.2012, 14:14 CET:
Dat 2x Eul's still...

joffe wrote at 29.02.2012, 15:15 CET:
az1e wrote:
Impressive Swedish knowledge by Tulex :D
Great interview.

Yes the best Swedish so far :D wounder if he knows all the word :P

"I can say god dag and fjolla fitta." :D:D:D
ReiNNNN wrote at 29.02.2012, 15:44 CET:
wyrmhunter wrote:
Epic shit. You really translated the Czech transaltion of an interview held in English to English? Why didn't you ask for the original?

Yeah sorry. I guess that was a little confusing. My bad on that. It's fixed.

Seagal wrote at 29.02.2012, 15:54 CET:
Tulex telling his favorite song was Bohemian Rhapsody -> totally trolling Tobi

Icefog wrote at 29.02.2012, 16:45 CET:
hi synd...I dont know man, I think you should keep your old rooster, have faith and overcome the loosing streak
Helga wrote at 29.02.2012, 21:54 CET:
syndereN: Pulp Fiction
Tulex: Pulp Fiction
ACreator wrote at 01.03.2012, 15:21 CET:
OMG TULEX liver in the same city im living....

Is there any way for me to find this guys e-mail xD?? i would love 2 meet him xD

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