IG Monthly Madness into playoffs

posted by ReiNNNN, 4 years ago

The playoffs stage of It's Gosu Monthly Madness is finally upon us with the conclusion of their qualifier stages in which four teams will pit themselves against twelve other invited teams for the cash prize of $1,000.

The first qualifier saw relatively unknown teams, us Water and se 4Friends eliminating ru Darer and se Infused but they managed to regroup to take the top of the second qualifier in order to secure the final spots available in the round of 16.

The list of teams in the playoffs are:

us It's Gosu
ua Natus Vincere
dk Evil Geniuses
ro Dignitas
se Counter Logic Gaming
eu Mousesports
au Absolute Legends
eu mTw
dk Quantic
kz NEXT.kz
fr Western Wolves
us Complexity
us Water
se 4 Friends + Chrillee
ru Darer
se Team Infused

The tournament will be played out in a best-of-three single elimination format with a best-of-five grand final. The winner will be keeping the whole cash prize to themselves.

The first game between ro Team Dignitas and eu mTw will begin on the 1st of March at 19:00 CET. You can always follow us on our matchtickers for the latest scheduling of the tournament. All the games will be shoutcasted by Starcraft 2 turned Dota 2 caster, us Aaron 'Ayesee' Chambers here.


Sources: It's Gosu

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Manimon wrote at 28.02.2012, 02:01 CET:
Darer vs Navi, hopefully we'll see them in the finals
slap.fatty wrote at 28.02.2012, 02:09 CET:
Would like to see Navi vs EG
GrinnValesti wrote at 28.02.2012, 02:16 CET:
coL ..vs.. Darer
Xeureka wrote at 28.02.2012, 02:39 CET:
I wanna watch na'vi vs darer ffs...but what about the boycott?
Manimon wrote at 28.02.2012, 02:41 CET:
The boycott only applies to M5, and this is not M5 hosting the tournament...
yoyoyo wrote at 28.02.2012, 02:53 CET:
looking forward to watch ayesee cast his pretty good
Q.ex wrote at 28.02.2012, 03:02 CET:
bottom brackets are so stronk..top is no challenge for navi :P
gatman900 wrote at 28.02.2012, 03:09 CET:
You've written eliminating twice!

us Water and se 4Friends eliminating eliminating ru Darer and
Beelze wrote at 28.02.2012, 03:31 CET:
Ayesee is a very good caster, looking forward on the matches :)
TobiWanKenobi wrote at 28.02.2012, 03:32 CET:
thanks gatman -- fixed it up
JuiCe- wrote at 28.02.2012, 03:58 CET:
Great Caster
So awesome to listen!
Marinelite wrote at 28.02.2012, 04:28 CET:
"to recover" not to recovered! And there's no need for "themselves" - "to recover quickly..." :)
requiemzer0 wrote at 28.02.2012, 05:03 CET:
hahahah.. unlucky darer facing coL.. hahah
WARDIGI wrote at 28.02.2012, 06:12 CET:
aL vs WATER? is WATER like some FIRE fan's?
braincandy wrote at 28.02.2012, 06:16 CET:
Na'Vi seems to be in the easier half of the bracket.
Manimon wrote at 28.02.2012, 06:41 CET:
WARDIGI wrote:
aL vs WATER? is WATER like some FIRE fan's?

More like Fire's NA scream partner.

edited by Manimon at 28.02.2012, 06:58 CET
V4rzil wrote at 28.02.2012, 07:24 CET:
For Ayesee being a starcraft 2 caster, he is doing a really good job casting DotA2 ;) my favorite caster after Tobi.
looking forward to all the games, especially coL vs Darer... I hope coL will win, and Darer will be a lesson given! :D
MOB.NJ wrote at 28.02.2012, 08:15 CET:
"best-of-three single elimination format with a best-of-five grand final"
i'm loving it
Unnefable wrote at 28.02.2012, 09:57 CET:
its gonna be a whopper!!
lots of interesting matches in the first round definetely...
aL vs Water...looking to see how Water performs.
Dignitas vs mTw...looking to see how Synd and the "new gang" are doing after a while away from official matches to see if they regained their composure
coL vs Darer...obviously being the most anticipated game, to see if artstyle + 4 will be able to stand up to one of the top teams of the moment and stake a claim to all the spotlight they've been hogging
MOUZ vs CLG ... not a flashy game but still hoping for a very good game MOUZ never lets down the spectators.
NEXT.kz vs EG... personally I always feel like NEXT.kz can surprise even the topdogs every now and then...lets see how EG is doing....they got quantic matchup first...and then this...lets see how they react after a tough beating from Na'Vi
Svyatoi111 wrote at 28.02.2012, 11:16 CET:
Sadly the Darer team is not in it's best shape, judging by it's last matches (loosing to some no-name teams), so I don't think that they even have a chance against CoL in this particular tournament...
MrUrKe wrote at 28.02.2012, 12:40 CET:
since EG got danish flag with majority of their player from sweden, i think you should do same with mTw (3 from SE)

on topic:

gratz to all who made it! let the best win!
SerAphAYne wrote at 28.02.2012, 12:40 CET:
Go Next.kZ!!! My favorite team just because of URSA lol.
frzk97 wrote at 28.02.2012, 13:36 CET:
DARER vs coL :D
most waited match, it has to be streamed.
GoSuMali wrote at 28.02.2012, 14:16 CET:
frzk97 wrote:
DARER vs coL :D
most waited match, it has to be streamed.

ALL games will be streamed by Ayesee and Draskyll (or another person!)

Sharkyzzz wrote at 28.02.2012, 15:24 CET:
Dignitas vs Navi in semifinal!

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