Leaf joins the pack

posted by Mantis., 4 years ago
After having used him in the Defense playoffs, fr the Western Wolves officially welcome de Norman 'Leaf' Zörner to their hound now. The German star previously played for de Ariana Gaming which disbanded recently due to roster instability.

Leaf replaced fr Antoine 'Dhany' L'hotellier, who earlier left the team due to internal conflicts and also played a major role in the team's victory over eu Mousesports in The Defense play-offs. We will see fr Debs 'FckingMad' Sebastien switching to support role whereas Leaf will be taking the solo role.

Western Wolves' new lineup:
fr Fabien "Shiba" Turgis (Manager)
fr Titouan 'Socks' Merloz
fr Pierre-Baptiste 'Ph0enniX' Pietet
fr Thibault 'Funzii' Calone
fr Sébastien 'FuckingMad' Debs
de Norman 'Leaf' Zörner

A statement from de Norman 'Leaf' Zörner on his addition:

Hey guys! For the ones who don't know me, I am leaf and I am a german Dota player. After I decided to leave Ariana, Mad contacted me if I were interested to join the team. After scrimming with them for a week and talking with the players I decided to join them. I really enjoy playing with them because I like their playstyle and the way they see Dota. I really hope for a bright and succesful future!

Sources: Western Wolves

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eQual- wrote at 24.02.2012, 21:15 CET:
No facebook link in his statement? *shocked*
geoa4 wrote at 24.02.2012, 21:16 CET:
maximiliaN23 wrote at 24.02.2012, 21:23 CET:
gogo leaf, but i would rather see a team from the same country. sad that dhanny had to leave the team
Kuronyan wrote at 24.02.2012, 21:49 CET:
Can he speak french or do they speak english ?
Captain_Crunch wrote at 24.02.2012, 21:53 CET:
Glad to see a young talented player finding a new home. Best of luck!

Alles gute Leaf und hau rein! :D
Melo wrote at 24.02.2012, 22:01 CET:
I believe this is the best thing for both leaf and WW, solid player in solid team, things can just get better for them :)
Darkwish_inc wrote at 24.02.2012, 23:12 CET:
Another team that wont be going to WCG
Digestivee wrote at 24.02.2012, 23:12 CET:
They have shown great performances lately, lets see what they can do!
zauron wrote at 24.02.2012, 23:34 CET:
Check us out in

Girlik wrote at 25.02.2012, 00:37 CET:
Hey zauron, you forgot http://www.facebook.com/leafdota !
leaf wrote at 25.02.2012, 00:38 CET:
Girlik wrote:
Hey zauron, you forgot http://www.facebook.com/leafdota !

nre wrote at 25.02.2012, 00:38 CET:
4 french talking english? unlikely :)
eklund. wrote at 25.02.2012, 01:43 CET:
Interesting. GL in the future.
GbM_Scythe.SG wrote at 25.02.2012, 06:55 CET:
nre wrote:
4 french talking english? unlikely :)

Epic Troll. :)

1505 wrote at 25.02.2012, 09:16 CET:
I find it hard to believe they're speaking English. leaf obviously know a little bit of french.

Girlik wrote at 25.02.2012, 17:02 CET:
believe it or not, i'm french and i speak english. And with a couple of beer i can stand a conversation on the precepts of our metaphysical existence :)
nt. wrote at 26.02.2012, 10:44 CET:
beleaf or not to beleaf :D

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