Darer takes in the Moscow 5

posted by Tezzeret, 4 years ago
After a very public fallout with famed Russian organization, Moscow 5, ArtStyle and co have finally found a new organization to call home. That being Darer Entertainment better known for their Darer platform where many play DotA on.

ArtStyle and co joins Darer Entertainment

It has been public knowledge that ArtStyle has been in talks with Darer to play under them as their Dota 2 team. Now Darer Entertainment has made it official that the former M5 team will be playing for them.

Nothing much is known about the team at the moment apart from the roster announcement as a full press release is expected to be release when Darer's new website is ready.

In regards to the recent boycott issue, Darer has the following to say:

All the people care about is to watch good games and see their favorite players. So I suggest we give it to them. Just forget about these problems and show some good entertainment to the fans. Conflicts are not good for anyone. All of us should support eSports in any way they can. Going against each other will not help anyone. This is how we think this should be settled. I hope the other teams will agree."

Darer Dota 2 Roster.
ua Ivan 'Artstyle' Antonov (c)
ru Yaroslav 'NS' Kuznetsov
ru Andrey 'Dread' Golubev
ru Sergey 'G' Bragin
ru Alex 'Santa' Koltan

Sources: Official Page

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diemandie wrote at 17.02.2012, 17:25 CET:
MenSe wrote at 17.02.2012, 17:25 CET:
Sick roster! GO GO Darrer :)
M_LegenD wrote at 17.02.2012, 17:26 CET:
zabeilol wrote at 17.02.2012, 17:34 CET:
DrowSexyLady wrote at 17.02.2012, 17:41 CET:
Shit just got real.
chorvus wrote at 17.02.2012, 17:45 CET:
Didn't see that coming!
That's a pretty damn sweet roster, promising.

Hope we see some action soon so we know what to expect :)
Good luck ;)
k2jl5p wrote at 17.02.2012, 17:47 CET:
.no way...! Artsyle.. I will follow whatever team you go... GO DARER....
Ovo.aeS wrote at 17.02.2012, 17:47 CET:
Dream team! Best team ever! İ think even Na'Vi will have a hard time with them! Cant wait to see them play! Already my favourite team.
kalos25 wrote at 17.02.2012, 17:49 CET:
sht3ffan wrote at 17.02.2012, 17:51 CET:
Excellent roster...GL DARER!
CooKiePanda wrote at 17.02.2012, 17:52 CET:
what DARER said is true, all this boycotting shit is just giving esports a bad rep, forget about it and continue on. I personally watch streams because their entertaining and to watch top teams go at it is both an enjoyable and a learning session. Good Luck DARER hope to see some awesome matches in the near future ^.^
Spekwjirm wrote at 17.02.2012, 17:55 CET:
Loqo wrote at 17.02.2012, 17:57 CET:
I want to see them play now.
traxexboobs wrote at 17.02.2012, 18:03 CET:
Highfive wrote at 17.02.2012, 18:05 CET:
finally, the stupid boycott thing really delayed this , it was obvious that these 5 will play togther the only question was for which organisation they will be playing , but in my opinion the chose the right one , looking forward to see this team in action
really looking forward to clashes between EG,DD,Navi & Darer :) those 4 giants are the top in dota 2 right now reagardless of the strong performance of fire and al i would considerer this teams a bit stronger :)
Andi_ wrote at 17.02.2012, 18:07 CET:
Get owned people who boycotted artstyle, gl guys.
Booncz wrote at 17.02.2012, 18:13 CET:
Captain_Crunch wrote at 17.02.2012, 18:14 CET:
Ladies and gentlemen: The future winner of the international2.
pzy-clone wrote at 17.02.2012, 18:19 CET:
Captain_Crunch wrote:
Ladies and gentlemen: The future winner of the international2.

You overreact a little because nothing is sure, but they are definitely going to be an important and fun to watch Dota 2 team :)
PeaceOfHeaven wrote at 17.02.2012, 18:20 CET:
It's come back!!!!!!
SovereignT wrote at 17.02.2012, 18:22 CET:
Fantastic! Now I just hope both parties treat each other well so that it is mutually beneficial. Without knowing the details, I really hope these players represent Darer well, in exchange for Darer stepping out on a limb to pick up a team (and more specifically, a player) that was under a heavy spotlight.

Good luck Darer and co.!
Nzgrim wrote at 17.02.2012, 18:22 CET:
Wow, that is almost the 2010 "We own everyone" DTS roster, awesome!
trAANCe wrote at 17.02.2012, 18:29 CET:
nice to see this :]
iLancer wrote at 17.02.2012, 18:38 CET:
My Ass...
Captain_Crunch wrote:
Ladies and gentlemen: The future winner of the international2.

Mooob wrote at 17.02.2012, 18:40 CET:
the darer guy reads on joinDota not on gosugamers laawl

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