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posted by Blue_Knight, 4 years ago
The competitive scene heats up another degree, as the rising American powerhouse are picked up by one of eSports most prestigious sponsors.

They exploded onto the scene little over a month ago and have so far burned nearly everyone who have got in their way. Now, after such a hot streak of form, team FIRE have deservingly found themselves a sponsor in compLexity Gaming, in a deal which was recently teased on Twitter and just announced on MOBA Weekly.

For a previously unheard of team to emerge and so quickly blaze a trail to the top tier of DotA is unprecedented, but FIRE have so far proved themselves to be amazingly talented, and forged what could be the beginning of a legacy in these early days of Dota 2's history. Having won the Infused Cup from the loser brackets, qualifying for the final four of the Dota2Replay's Brawl, and being invited to participate in the Premier League, they are undoubtedly one of the best teams competing at the moment.

Speaking exclusively to joinDOTA on behalf of compLexity on their new signing, MOBA Weekly host se Darthozzan, said:

It’s obvious that compLexity has a special affinity for the genre, given that we broadcast the MOBA Weekly show, and we have been looking to get in to Dota 2 for a long time. There’s a lot that goes into a acquiring a new team though, and the fit has to be right. We only want the best at compLexity, and we believe coL.DotA will be able to set the DotA world ablaze. They have recently proven themselves, and the sky is the limit for this team as North American DotA continues to grow and expand. This is an especially good fit for us, considering the American heritage of compLexity. In this signing we hope that we will start a new era, and show the world the legitimacy of North American DotA.

In addition, compLexity CEO us Jason Lake declared:

We're thrilled to be part of the DotA community once again. Dota 2 has brought new life to the genre and it's only appropriate that we field a global contender. We've done our homework and spoken with lots of teams. We're confident in this roster and expect big things.

And speaking on behalf of his team, us Brian 'chappy' Chapman, the manager, said:

We simply could not be more honoured to join such a prestigious eSports icon. Complexity has always been the beacon of North American eSports and we proudly join the players before us in continuing its tradition of excellence, dedication and respect. Our goals are aligned and we look forward to realizing them together, ensuring that North American DotA is a force to be reckoned with, and that it's here to stay.

coL.DotA Roster

us Brian 'FLUFFNSTUFF' Lee (Captain)
us Tony 'HANNAH_MONTANA' Talavera
us Michael 'ixmike88' Ghannam
ca Jio 'Jeyo' Madayang
ca Tyler 'TC' Cook

us Brian 'chapy' Chapman (Manager)

Sources: compLexity Gaming

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Darpeherp wrote at 17.02.2012, 00:45 CET:
Vankuga wrote at 17.02.2012, 00:47 CET:
Congrats! its good to see more involvement of Sponsor in DOTA2.
BadaBing wrote at 17.02.2012, 00:57 CET:
Best headline ever ^^
gatman900 wrote at 17.02.2012, 00:58 CET:
Awww yeah complexity back in Dota and they take an awesome team! Well-deserved Fire...hope this is a long and beautiful friendship :D
Loqo wrote at 17.02.2012, 00:59 CET:
It's was guessed, but anyway congratz.
Darthozzan wrote at 17.02.2012, 01:08 CET:
So many incredible puns in the news. Welcome to our new team!
aLi.pOgOrUsH wrote at 17.02.2012, 01:10 CET:
whats up with all these "fire", "heat", "burning", wordplays... o.O
Blue_Knight wrote at 17.02.2012, 01:20 CET:
Updated with further statements.
Zilla wrote at 17.02.2012, 01:29 CET:
I want them to play vs NaVi.
Beelze wrote at 17.02.2012, 01:30 CET:
Well deserved for Fire to get their own sponsor. Gratz!
aceyy wrote at 17.02.2012, 01:34 CET:
GHETAZ wrote at 17.02.2012, 02:03 CET:
atual best time in dota2
villainsinker wrote at 17.02.2012, 02:33 CET:
so teams are really getting recognized around. Good to hear!
GhostRealm.BlindSpot wrote at 17.02.2012, 02:33 CET:
Zilla wrote:
I want them to play vs NaVi.

xkieth wrote at 17.02.2012, 02:36 CET:
American Powerhouse.... European Powerhouse....

FIRE V.S Na`Vi ! Week 8 of The Premier League February 2617:00 CET
Socrat3s wrote at 17.02.2012, 03:31 CET:
Nice job FIRE!!! I agree badabing! I freaked when I read that. This shows me DOTA2 is gna be big..if it wasn't obviously enough already
CaptainKishimoto wrote at 17.02.2012, 05:48 CET:
Good to see coL back in the DotA world. I remember the OG days when Fear was in coL, good times.
badphil wrote at 17.02.2012, 05:49 CET:
Gratz FIRE...
netfusion wrote at 17.02.2012, 08:27 CET:
grats Fire
jerom3 wrote at 17.02.2012, 08:54 CET:
Col were looking for a team for some time now (I think I saw this on CWM's stream). They really got a great team.
SerAphAYne wrote at 17.02.2012, 11:55 CET:
REALLY strong team. Easily on Na'Vis level as far as team play/chemistry is concerned.
Aprior1.MoneY wrote at 17.02.2012, 11:55 CET:
nice, would like to see Jeyo be more confident picking up SF since the replay with higher pubs :)
Nekros wrote at 18.02.2012, 10:40 CET:
nice to see some canadians in the scene now

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