Gaming houses boycott Artstyle

posted by TobiWanKenobi, 4 years ago
For the first time in the history of Dota, a member of the community ua Ivan 'Artstyle' Antonov is boycotted by some of the largest gaming houses in Russia and Ukraine. In a time where eSports is looking to become recognised as a respectable industry in the world, one player has been deemed by the top teams of CIS as too much of a negative influence to this goal.

While this will become a large topic for many the voices who are the loudest are the team managers of ArtStyle's old teams. The following are highlights of the article available on

A Statement from the team manager of Na'Vi ua Alexander 'ZeroGravity' Kochanowsk :

He could not just come to the tournament or the team photo session in Kiev and don't even warn us about it. The man simply does not answer his phone or turned it off instead. He then, invented dozens of ridiculous reasons and blame the organization for everything.

Now I am once again convinced of his dishonesty and incompetence in relation to cyber organizations.

A Statement from the team manager of DTS ua Maxim 'XPEH' Dyakonyuk :
DTS-Gaming, certainly gave Ivan a start in life in terms of DotA. It is with DTS he achieved a level that allowed him to become one of the best captains and players in the world. However, this did not prevent his escape from DTS 2010

A year later, I decided to resume relations with Ivan. The result is well known to all. After speaking at a single LAN, Ivan completely froze, even though I knew that he simply "did not want to talk." Now I see the same situation with the M5. As they say, "Stop and make a stand!".

From now on, the organization of DTS-Gaming, Portal and all future projects that are being prepared for launch in 2012 - are boycotting Ivan "Artstyle" Antonov, his team and the organization in which he will act. We must show the community that there are certain rules of human interaction, to be followed.

While the managers are having their say, ru Yaroslav 'NS' Kuznetsov speaks out against the decision. He had many things to say on the matter but what summarizes his thoughts the best is the last sentence he stated:

I sincerely ask all of you to stop this senseless farce

This is very unfamilar ground for the world of Dota and just how this influences the conduct of players and teams in the future is as of yet, unknown. What is known is that if a player that has the accomplishments of ArtStyle, those accomplishments will not protect him from the expectations of sponsors, organizations, and the community.

Sources: Announcement

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v33Mihai wrote at 01.02.2012, 02:48 CET:
wut da..?
freak___ wrote at 01.02.2012, 02:48 CET:
i did not expect that ^^ but wow... if he acts like a dick ppl wont like it... and russian can hold a grudge for sooo long
Jukze wrote at 01.02.2012, 02:49 CET:
Ivan 'vigoss' Shinkarev

ARSYELLOWSUNNY wrote at 01.02.2012, 02:50 CET:
Boycotting artystyle?!
gnoOu wrote at 01.02.2012, 02:52 CET:
i was wondering for a while old is artstyle ?
synsypa wrote at 01.02.2012, 02:55 CET:
A cursory check seems to indicate that the article doesn't actually name the new m5 team, it only says that God, PGG, Dread, NS, and Vigoss was the old roster and that NS hasn't figured out a new roster because of the ArtStyle thing.
ar7Ja wrote at 01.02.2012, 02:59 CET:
i think a lot of misunderstanding happen here.sad for artstyle being treat like this.but still he should explain everything before.but its too late maybe.
skyline385 wrote at 01.02.2012, 03:02 CET:
The roster you have written for M5 was the former dream team M5 roster and it was disbanded after ESWC, thats what i got from the translated article. Please look up on that and correct it.
SketchBook wrote at 01.02.2012, 03:03 CET:
This is somewhat completely messed up....boths sides should explain properly imo
And the M5 line up...PGG and Vigoss? Then what happened to the new DTS? Too many questions unanswered :/
mcguix wrote at 01.02.2012, 03:05 CET:
TobiWanKenobi wrote at 01.02.2012, 03:09 CET:
Have removed the team list due to a mix up in translation, that is not the new team list, the roster remains unconfirmed.
BORIKAT wrote at 01.02.2012, 03:13 CET:
NiGHTsky wrote at 01.02.2012, 03:19 CET:
Being a douchebag comes back to haunt him? Who would've thought!

Boycotting a player is rather new to me though. Funny in a way, really. Ah well, judging by Artstyles manner, he deserves it. Couldn't care less what happens to the guy tbh.

Also, inb4 fanboy tears.
welcomeaddiction wrote at 01.02.2012, 03:26 CET:
We have to find someone to translate this whole thing
I just want to mention something:
These days we as a community HAVE to unify dota if we want to bring it to the top, like SC2, even LOL, and it suddens me to say it, have a more stable community than us(dota enthusiasts) that is.
I don't care whose fault it is, just let me remind something to sponsors/teams/players..
With or without you DTS, Artstyle, anyone, DOTA has and WILL survive.
Just make it easier for the community without dramas every week forcing us to pick sides.
This news, great work to jD for informing us, sadly for the involved parties are SAD.
Then you wonder why players have so great expectations?Why sponsors/teams don't live up to players expectations?
All these are your answers, this is a power play.Winner?NONE.History is with me on this.
neurosx wrote at 01.02.2012, 03:36 CET:
Good move :)
Gabriel_5991 wrote at 01.02.2012, 03:42 CET:
I dont understand whats going on here? Can someone explain me the whole situation please? xD
markmagus28 wrote at 01.02.2012, 03:44 CET:
Tobiwan should be blame for all of this.. =)) Lessons learned maybe? That's what you get when you are not professional about your career...he is called professional gamer but act like douche simply shows lack of professionalism.. Good Counter by the Organizations as well..

edited by markmagus28 at 01.02.2012, 03:49 CET
nitro_05 wrote at 01.02.2012, 03:57 CET:
Rexi wrote at 01.02.2012, 04:10 CET:
Kinda cool to see orgas take an action, hopefully this doesnt become trend where orgas go powertrip and start boycotting every1 who isnt doing everything right ^.^ but I guess it was artsyle who went egotripping if he ignored calls n shit from orgas.
PS: inb4 playmate gets boycotted by orgas ;D
GhostRealm.BlindSpot wrote at 01.02.2012, 04:11 CET:
His bad manners finally caught up to him, it will die down eventually but will most likely shake up ASs pride and not be a DICK anymore in the future.
WhlteFang wrote at 01.02.2012, 04:38 CET:
Good news indeed.
Pwned_Joo wrote at 01.02.2012, 04:39 CET:
Just shows how unprofessional these Russian/Ukrainian organizations are. LOL

*waiting for more updates..*
Gokkun wrote at 01.02.2012, 04:42 CET:
artstyle has proven to be a inconsistent and an unreliable player after leaving Navi the way he did, his ego has grown big and he might think he's untouchable, this shows that the russians are sick of him and his attitude. I applaud and support their decision.
Dyzfunkshun wrote at 01.02.2012, 04:49 CET:
He did make some very harsh and unpleasant comments during his recent interview. I would not be surprised if there was more behind the scenes than this article lets on. Not super keen to judge nor vindicate him just yet.
pariAh wrote at 01.02.2012, 05:20 CET:
He brought this on himself anyway. Being the "tuff" guy is a cool image for fans as long as it is only a image, too much tuffness only makes you look like an ass :D Brilliant initiative for the sake of e-sports growth, like+1!

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