Monkey Evolves to SK

posted by TobiWanKenobi, 4 years ago
Being a team with such promise has made monkey a very juicy target to a sponsor, and it seems SK Gaming was ready to take a bite.

In a statement from their Coach 'Eatenfish'

Eatenfish: The boys and I are extremely excited about the chance to work with one of the oldest and most prestigious esports organizations out there. It’s not a secret that we have had tough luck with sponsors in the past, but in SK, we have finally found the reliable and loyal organization we have been searching for! And we couldn’t have found a better fit! SK has always been about working hard to become the best, which fits us perfectly! We will be working very hard to live up to the SK brand and towards our goal of becoming THE best Dota 2 team

Their Current Roster:

dk Martin 'AngeL' Olsen
dk Alexander 'CalculuS' Rathcke
dk Sylvester 'Link' Hoelgaard
dk Mikkel 'miGGel' Berg
dk Christoffer Borregaard 'Ryze' Winther

Monkey under one name or another as been a part of almost every DOTA 2 event so far with their next appearance in two weeks at Dreamhack Winter, as well as competing this coming Monday in the first match of the Defense, stay tuned for more on this up and coming team.

Sources: SK announcement

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BioEmptY wrote at 12.11.2011, 04:56 CET:
syndereN Return plz :(
124C41 wrote at 12.11.2011, 06:01 CET:
Was time they got out of the closet with this. Welcome back, SK.
Xezko wrote at 12.11.2011, 06:25 CET:
wow, EG, fnatic and now SK. the greatest powerhouses of the esports are coming to dota2 !
as someone said in ggnet, im hoping that mouz comes and takes kky+panzer! :D
ownerISHere wrote at 12.11.2011, 08:12 CET:
AngelxFany wrote at 12.11.2011, 09:00 CET:
Moaaar sponsors!!
Aider wrote at 12.11.2011, 09:44 CET:
gl guys
dreta wrote at 12.11.2011, 16:28 CET:
well deserved for monkey
Hexmage wrote at 12.11.2011, 18:38 CET:
Imo their new team name should be SK Monkey.
GG_Dota2 wrote at 12.11.2011, 20:18 CET:
Bronde wrote at 13.11.2011, 14:14 CET:
<Insert pokémon reference here>
IronSwan wrote at 14.11.2011, 13:40 CET:
I think it's a reference to Darwin's origin of species rather than Pokemon.
johnjou wrote at 14.11.2011, 15:11 CET:
gl for you guys
ar7Ja wrote at 17.11.2011, 05:35 CET:
gl to the new sk :)

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