TI4 Hubs: Casters and Streams Guide

posted by Malystryx.GDS, 2 years ago
The TI4 Qualifiers start tomorrow and the public has yet to be informed how exactly the GD Studio and BeyondtheSummit plan to broadcast all the matches. So here it is, our guide explaining about the nine streams - yes nine, as well as the additional players and personalities that will be participating remotely.

As if the sheer amount of games wasn't overwhelming enough, you will have your veritable pick of the litter when it comes to following the qualifiers for the biggest competition of the year. Both the EU Hub and the US Hub will be putting on four streams each for the first 2 days of each qualifier, allowing viewers to be able to see every single match during the round robin stage.


TI4 EU Hub

The "main stream"
See the 15 personalities


The main stream will be brought to you by the most established commentators in the scene - with the exception of Capitalist who will be running the joinDOTA red stream. Get to witness all your favourite European commentators such as Sheever, Bruno, Pyrion and TobiWan mingle on cast.

The "Secondary" Stream
(round-robin only)


Our beloved Austin "Capitalist" Walsh has taken one for the team and stayed behind in the joinDOTA studio in Berlin, and will be broadcasting alongside community commentators as well as a host of professional players who have put their names down to join him. These include:

us Peter "PPD" Dager
us Mark "Tralfamadore" Seidl
us Alan "Ryuuboruz" Andersen
us Ioannis "Fogged" Loucas
us Jared "Pandaego" Fletcher
se Ludwig "Zai" Wahlberg
dk Andreas "Cr1t" Franck Nielsen

The "Community streams"
(round-robin only)


Hand-picked by TheCapitalist, joinDOTAblue and joinDOTAcommunity include the very best talent around who will pick up some of the games not covered on the main and secondary stream. The community commentators are:

us Joseph "Heliumbrella" Cunningham
us Chris "Hippie" Copel-Kosciesza
de Clemens "DragonDrop" Wloczka
us David "Blaze" Dillon
us Ryan "Gorgon" Jurado
de Jonathan "Pimpmuckl" Liebig
us Vladimir "Vykromond" Jornitski

The "casual stream"


Pretty self-explanatory, the casual stream will be your chance to catch the commentators and visiting players in their natural habitat. Will probably include trolling, cats, interviews and even more "story time with Bruno".

TI4 US Hub
1. BeyondTheSummit - The "main show" with pre and post-match analysis
2. BeyondTheSummit2 - The "traditional stream" with a two-caster combo
3. BeyondTheSummit3 - The "chillout stream" - Chilled out discussions in the living room
4. HighGroundTV - The "'Murica stream" with HighgroundTV crew and guests

The "main show"


"Our primary studio is the main show. That's where we'll have the full desk of casters and analysts introducing the day, doing pre-shows and post-game analysis, as well as a ton of fun content during downtime from a caster 1v1 tournament to Dota 2 charades! This stream will also host all the playoff matches and will be live for the entirety of the qualifiers.

The "traditional stream"
(round-robin only)


Held in the upstairs of the BTS Studio, BTS2 will offer a more typical two-caster stream with classic combos such as Synderen + Sunsfan and Merlini + Ayesee. If you're just looking for a standard cast without all the bells and whistles then BTS2 will be for you. Be aware that this will only run during the round-robin stage.

The "chillout stream"


Similar to the GD Studio stream, BTS3 will be having a more informal stream available to viewers as well. "In the living room, we'll have a more "chilled out" stream where a bunch of the guys not working elsewhere will hang out and watch + talk about the third concurrent game together. Don't expect a traditional cast, but do expect fun, relaxed conversation, and in-depth analysis - goes perfectly with a fine red merlot," according to David "LD" Gorman.

The "'Murica stream"
(round-robin only)


Invited after the announcement went out about the US Hub, HighGroundTV a recently launched studio featuring Greg "WhatisHip" Laird, Travis "Maut" Bueno, and Dakota "KOTLGuy", will also be running their own stream from the event. "The final stream will host the HighgroundTV crew and selected guests as they round out the coverage and ensure that ALL TI4 qualifier games are broadcast from the NA Hub. If you want some proper 'MURICAN coverage, this is the place to be," said David "LD" Gorman.

This article was written by uk Lawrence Phillips, joinDOTA's Editor-in-Chief.
Malystryx has been in eSports since 2004 working as eSports Editor for Razer and Editor-in-Chief of SK Gaming in the past He misses the days of Warcraft3 but makes do with the world of DOTA 2.
Location: Bristol, UK
Follow him on @MalystryxGDS.

Sources: Ti4 Qualifiers coverage page

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GMGkaiser wrote at 12.05.2014, 02:33 CEST:
1rd keepo
Alyyx wrote at 12.05.2014, 02:33 CEST:
Prophetkiller wrote at 12.05.2014, 02:36 CEST:
wfsux wrote at 12.05.2014, 02:37 CEST:
#2 twitch.tv/BeyondTheSummit2 - The "traditional stream" (round-robin only) Kreygasm
Skim wrote at 12.05.2014, 02:40 CEST:
Zai confirmed Murican now
PapaBear1988 wrote at 12.05.2014, 02:41 CEST:
Great info . Stream 2 from EU hub with capitalist will have the most viewers:)))
SqLISTHESHIT wrote at 12.05.2014, 02:47 CEST:
Wanna see all the awesome stuff these 2 hubs will be bringing to us :3
danterossi1 wrote at 12.05.2014, 02:48 CEST:
zai is such a keepo
APT wrote at 12.05.2014, 02:49 CEST:
they are not all americans ...
Pina wrote at 12.05.2014, 02:56 CEST:
I will not have time to watch everything so I'm expecting fast VOD's! =D
It will be all on JoinDOTA youtube channel or twitch?
Plz, say youtube.
Malystryx.GDS wrote at 12.05.2014, 02:57 CEST:
Pina wrote:
I will not have time to watch everything so I'm expecting fast VOD's! =D
It will be all on JoinDOTA youtube channel or twitch?
Plz, say youtube.

and on joinDOTAplus! check my other news :)
sbrevolution5 wrote at 12.05.2014, 03:02 CEST:
I'll be joining dragondrop on community monday and tuesday! I'm so excited guys!
blackburn69 wrote at 12.05.2014, 03:02 CEST:
sTREAM 1 AND STREAM 2 IS SO STACKED , gotta love esport <3
wfsux wrote at 12.05.2014, 03:07 CEST:
Synderen + Sunsfan and Merlini + Ayesee WP
gometa23 wrote at 12.05.2014, 03:22 CEST:
Sounds so fucking good...
derpad0n wrote at 12.05.2014, 03:31 CEST:
9 streams, the moment when you feel 3 monitors will not fit everything
jankulovski wrote at 12.05.2014, 04:08 CEST:
cats stream sound nice
Jiggs wrote at 12.05.2014, 04:20 CEST:
Still rather see LD+Merlini Starladder combo. Tobi+Puppey will be top contenders though
Repression wrote at 12.05.2014, 04:43 CEST:
Kodaisa wrote at 12.05.2014, 05:26 CEST:
even the freaking qualifiers are sooo huge already :D:D
Nakzul wrote at 12.05.2014, 07:56 CEST:
Sheever is one of the most established commentators? Since when? -.-
Yogofu wrote at 12.05.2014, 09:46 CEST:
gief Synderen + Merlini Cast!
Thermochiller1000 wrote at 12.05.2014, 09:58 CEST:
the only good caster at the moment at BTS is zyori. LD talks the same shit for the last 3 years. every game sounds similar and godz .. well
Gurkenhans wrote at 12.05.2014, 10:27 CEST:
EU Hub is so much more appealing. That's actually really sad.
DigidigiDa_v2 wrote at 12.05.2014, 11:19 CEST:
9strim multitwitch ,,, anyway how is fogged casting with u? isnt he playing?

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