Old-schoolers Vigoss and Axypa return

posted by Malystryx.GDS, 2 years ago
ru Ivan "Vigoss" Shinkarev makes a return to competition following a hiatus and founding Na'Vi DotA member ua Bogdan "Axypa" Boychuk makes his entrance into the competitive world of DOTA2. The two "old-schoolers" will be joining the ranks of SQreen's Squad, a team aptly named after its maestro ru Khaled "sQreen" Al Kabbash.

Vigoss returns officially
ua Axypa was one of the founding members of Na'vi in 2010 for DotA1 but left the team along with Goblak, when Na'Vi added Puppey and LightofHeaveN in June of the following year. ru Vigoss had a long career in dotA dating back to Virtus.Pro in 2006 and more recently competed in DOTA2 for M5 at TI2.

SQreen spoke to joinDOTA about his new team.

"Finally I was able to make stable roster with good and decent players, we will play all tournaments which we can and where we can get invites."

Sqreen's Squad competed in the recent Pinnacle Sports DotA 2 Pro-Am with Vigoss but were eliminated in the first round by Rox.Kis. With the addition of Axypa does he really believe they stand a chance versus the likes of Rox.Kis and Team Empire? "Sure, we played against Rox.Kis in Pinnacle and at one point had a good advantage. We played that match with NS as a stand-in. We have also beaten Empire on scrim, so I think it won't be too hard for us," he stated. "Our main goal is to get a spot in the TI4 qualifiers and to win it or place in the top2 at least."

sQreen's Squad line-up

ruKhaled 'sQreen' El-Khabbash
ruIvan 'Vigoss' Shinkarev
ruMaxim 'TpoH' Vernikov
uaBogdan 'Axypa' Boychuk
alYlli 'Garter' Ramadani

Sources: ProDota.ru

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geoa4 wrote at 13.01.2014, 20:26 CET:
best team.
Energy94 wrote at 13.01.2014, 20:29 CET:
artstyle missing
Moukaneleos wrote at 13.01.2014, 20:30 CET:
2 months tops
Merrygoround wrote at 13.01.2014, 20:31 CET:
Vigos is like Jesus for russian dota, just Vigos)
Avent wrote at 13.01.2014, 20:33 CET:
Garter is from Kosova :)
FuZZyDOTA wrote at 13.01.2014, 20:34 CET:
Energy94 wrote:
artstyle missing

EnanoMaldito wrote at 13.01.2014, 20:34 CET:
Garter is albanian I think? Not sure tho, he used to standin for KP a lot back when RTZ couldn't play.
Chris.Warrior wrote at 13.01.2014, 20:40 CET:
Moukaneleos wrote:
2 months tops
bil wrote at 13.01.2014, 20:49 CET:
YamexQ wrote at 13.01.2014, 20:50 CET:
wanna fucking see mushi's face when he reads this: BITCH MADE ME LAUGH
__PP__ wrote at 13.01.2014, 20:51 CET:
vigoss back again.. im happy..
chopinhoo wrote at 13.01.2014, 20:54 CET:
Avent wrote:
Garter is from Kosova :)

There isn't country named Kosova. He is from Albania.
CepbIu wrote at 13.01.2014, 20:55 CET:
and again, and again, and again. Disband in one month.
Vo0dO wrote at 13.01.2014, 20:56 CET:
High goals
RAGING BULL wrote at 13.01.2014, 20:59 CET:
i hope they can do something
sodoMIXER wrote at 13.01.2014, 20:59 CET:
good luck. they will need it!
Luffydude wrote at 13.01.2014, 21:07 CET:
Moukaneleos wrote:
2 months tops

basically this, not too long and not too short for a russian squad of randoms
SwordMaNNN wrote at 13.01.2014, 21:07 CET:
Energy94 wrote:
artstyle missing
leozux wrote at 13.01.2014, 21:13 CET:
Vigoss' back episode: 322
ActionAdi wrote at 13.01.2014, 21:18 CET:
I remember the old Dota1 days when Vigos was a Sand King god. :P Would be nice if he will stream.
Mustgogame wrote at 13.01.2014, 21:29 CET:
V - god and G- god are back
Amoment wrote at 13.01.2014, 21:30 CET:
but the question is...
who will re-re-re-re-re-retire first?
qzp wrote at 13.01.2014, 21:30 CET:
Mustgogame wrote at 13.01.2014, 21:32 CET:
roles anyone ?
Fieldman wrote at 13.01.2014, 21:38 CET:
Roles are obvious actually - TPOH carry, Vigoss mid, Garter offlane, Axyra 1st sup, sqreen 2d

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