Update: Fnatic with Aui_2000 instead of H4nn1 to D2L Finals

posted by Chris.Warrior, 103 days ago
Just today it has been announced that eu Fnatic will miss their carry player se Adrian "Era" Kryeziu in the upcoming Lan Finals of the Raidcall Dota 2 League, who can't make it to Las Vegas due to health issues. Breaking news is that also de Kai 'H4nn1' Hanbückers won't make it either due to canceled flights because of the storm in North America.

After 7 hours in a queue there was no suitable flight left, for him to make it to Las Vegas to play for his team. While no stand-in has been found yet, it can't be one of the other participating teams according to the D2L rules. When reaching out to H4nn1, the obviously frustrated midlaner did not want to comment on the matter at this time.

Stay tuned as more information to come soon about who is standing in for H4nn1.

Participating Teams

se The Alliance
eu Fnatic
cn LGD Gaming
cn Vici Gaming

Update: eu Fnatic announced in a tweet that world Speed's ca Kurtis 'Aui_2000' Ling will be the replacement of H4nn1.

Fnatic Line-Up

il Tal 'Fly Aizik
dk Johan 'n0tail' Sundstein
fi Kalle 'Trixi Saarinen
us Jimmy 'Demon Ho (Stand-In)
ca Kurtis 'Aui_2000' Ling

Update 2: H4nn1 posted a statement on his facebook:
So for everyone to hear my situation of the story.

I came to Duesseldorf from Berlin yesterday because my flight was still scheduled from there duo to the time when it was booked and I got to play my officals from that day there at my mums place. My flight was planned to take off at 9:45am my time and I got to the airport around 7am, so I had a good 2:45 hours which is plenty of time. Because I knew about the snowstorm going on at the east coast, I checked in with my flight and the status was clear so I was good to go and that was at 11pm yesterday. So when I reached the airport I was told my the service that the aircraft had techical difficulties and could make it to Duesseldorf and the got the notice at 3:45am. So from there on I stood in a line with all the people that were attending that flight to chicago but that had to reschedule their booking. The service was just an awful unorganized bunch of junk that had no priorities or any kind of plan to satisfy the customers. When I reached the last 15% of the line( started at like 30%), which took me a good 3 hours, they had to close pretty much all of the current counters because they only had a certain amount of time paid for and another airline had to be on these. So because of their failure they reshuffled the que again and that made me end up a good 2 hours behind. So when i got to one of the counters, I was told there is no flight from any european airport that would bring me to Vegas and I got really upset with the entire service because I just saw there screw ups and there were a lot of people that wouldnt have mind to just stay a day in the hotel. So I went back to my mums place after to communicate with the managment on how I can potentially get there. We found 1 flight that could potentially make it to the games tomorrow that landed in LA that I would have to drive to Vegas from. That flight was outragously expensive but it pretty much ended up being taken the moment we tried to make the payment. So after I knew I couldn't make it to Vegas I went back to Berlin right away and arrived here around 11:30pm my time. It's been an awful day, that I hopefully don't have to go through again.

All in all I apologize for not making it to Vegas, though I can tell you I tried all possible to make it happen as I would have loved to be there and participate in the tournament. Hopefully my team can still pull off a win dispite the two standins.

Have a good night everyone and cheer for our boys tomorrow .


GreyGooze wrote at 06.01.2014, 17:40 CET:
Rescorlian wrote at 06.01.2014, 17:41 CET:
Mustgogame wrote at 06.01.2014, 17:42 CET:
gg fnatic gg
holy.Diver wrote at 06.01.2014, 17:42 CET:
Another won finals for Arteezy aka A-God?
Spielzeugpferd wrote at 06.01.2014, 17:42 CET:
dat pic
LaCRIBS wrote at 06.01.2014, 17:43 CET:
Disband due to lame reason!
Axyz wrote at 06.01.2014, 17:43 CET:
fuck ;_;
Cnacnel wrote at 06.01.2014, 17:44 CET:
go-freeway wrote at 06.01.2014, 17:44 CET:
mission impossible 5
SqLISTHESHIT wrote at 06.01.2014, 17:44 CET:
gg fnatic
so many sad news )=
CeeBYL wrote at 06.01.2014, 17:44 CET:
Poor fnatic. Hopefully they can find some good stand-in's nearby, but I honestly doubt it will make a difference against these teams.
DkN- wrote at 06.01.2014, 17:46 CET:
Fnatic disband
Miineur wrote at 06.01.2014, 17:47 CET:
Why the fuck did you choose that pic?
josipinho93 wrote at 06.01.2014, 17:47 CET:
fuck me, thats just way too much badluck
Moukaneleos wrote at 06.01.2014, 17:48 CET:
Miineur wrote:
Why the fuck did you choose that pic?

Why, what's wrong with it?
Okoo wrote at 06.01.2014, 17:48 CET:
"" Johan 'n0ta1l' Sundstein "" n0ta"1"l? wtf
WatDaFok wrote at 06.01.2014, 17:49 CET:
go get rtz he's the best mid
Chris.Warrior wrote at 06.01.2014, 17:52 CET:
Okoo wrote:
"" Johan 'n0ta1l' Sundstein "" n0ta"1"l? wtf

lool, i was so in the h4nn1 mood :D fixed it
siddharta wrote at 06.01.2014, 17:53 CET:
sind23 wrote at 06.01.2014, 17:53 CET:
Is the editor gay or a girl?
Overdrill.Wolfy wrote at 06.01.2014, 17:54 CET:
zopad_ wrote at 06.01.2014, 17:54 CET:
Imagine if they won the tournament with 2 standins. :)
incroyable wrote at 06.01.2014, 17:58 CET:
F*cking sad news. Fnatic as a team deserve to win something, they've been together for so long, they always go to finals, but cannot take the nexp step. I was really hoping that they could maybe win this one. I hope they can do something good at starladder now :(
asdqwe1 wrote at 06.01.2014, 17:58 CET:
dat picture *facepalm*, serious editors somewhere?
Pobb wrote at 06.01.2014, 17:59 CET:
And you used that picture in order to make him less frustrated? LOL

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