The Staff Cup is back!

posted by Chris.Warrior, 2 years ago
The fourth edition of the Staff cup organised by de 'Kibyu' is just around the corner. This Friday October 4th it is again time to shine for those, that usually work behind the scenes: casters, team managers, editors, tournament admins and many others, who volunteer their free time. 16 teams will join the fun competition, that will kick off 17:30 CEST. While most teams will provide first-person streams, anyone interested in streaming is free to do so.

The tournament features a group stage followed by a Single-Elimination play-off bracket for the win. There will be four groups containing of four teams each. Only the two best team of each group advances to the playoffs. Besides the best-of-three grand final, all matches will be best-of-one and contrary to the last edition, game mode for all matches will be the classic captains mode.

It is yet to be announced, who will play for the joinDOTA team, that so far only showed disappointing performances. That could be the reason behind the changement of de HolyMaster, who will be leading The Defense in this edition instead of joinDOTA. Alongside these two teams, au TobiWan will again try to secure the victory with the team with a bound Drow Ranger as a banner. Last time they were stopped by the GD Studio, who will send their strongest players into the battle lead by uk PyrionFlax. However, since last edition's winner Keita-League disbanded, there are also a few new teams joining the competition. Please note that more organisations such as DotaLounge, WePlay and BeyondTheSummit have been invited but had to decline due to schedule conflicts!


  • Fnatic: Noname, Nachi, StreeT, Carn, ANdre
  • GosuGamers: Ingik, zicomo, helldisaster, wicsic, godcounter
  • STL: CaspeRRR, GodHunt, x3mcheg, Faker
  • Team Navi: ZeroGravity , Versuta, marchello, Ash
  • LGK42, Starseed, puppee, Falc, collector
  • GD Studio: Pyrion Flax, 2GD, Weppas, Draskyll, skrff
  • 4 guys, 1 girl and a DOTA cup: TobiWan, Purge, B2RU, Durka, the capitalist
  • The Defense: HolyMaster, d3r_I3enny, Kibyu, Trickster, Xenorath
  • joinDOTA : Woodsy, h0ly, EmptyForge, Tower, MrBlue, P4iN
  • Readmore: MyLife4IU, Nico, Valicious, bury, liebessaft
  • aw, ANJELA_LONDON, The Destro, h4v3, ART-MART
  • A France Team: Elha, Bartsake, Syaska, Nyrlaas, D.King
  • Eu Manager Team: Inmate, NeStlik, Jeez, DrunKin, Antony
  • Team Liquid: Bumblebee+4, ez
  • Antena Dota: ZipOone, Daelin, Charanini, Spectrum, Frozen,
  • Twitch: chirashi, Eleine, shiftkeyisbroke, huked, Moldy, Leftovers
  • joinDOTA #2 Chris.Warrior, BenQ, FenFen, SedulousPanda, hjort, Chris_92

Unfortunately, the teams from ua Team Na'Vi and ru STL couldn't make it, but good news there is a hell of a replacement team: eu joinDOTA #2.

Group A

eu GD Studio (3:0)
world joinDOTA (2:1)
us Team Liquid (1:2)
ru (0:3)
Group B

world 4 guys, 1 girl and a DOTA cup (3-0)
fr France (2-1)
ru (1:2)
eu Fnatic (0-3)

Group C

eu Manager Team (1:1 -> 36seconds Rosh Race)
de Readmore (1:1 -> 37seconds Rosh Race)
eu The Defense (1:1 -> 49seconds Rosh Race)
Group D

world GosuGamers (3:0)
eu joinDOTA #2 (1:1)
world Antena Dota (1:1)
world (0:3)

The main coverage of the event will be provided by il Eyal 'KokoStern' Stern.


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stevikk wrote at 30.09.2013, 20:35 CEST:
Bob_Loblaw wrote at 30.09.2013, 20:38 CEST:
stinkor5 wrote at 30.09.2013, 20:39 CEST:
oPPaKappa wrote at 30.09.2013, 20:39 CEST:
No Kappa on twitch staff ??? Twitch disband plox
laowai wrote at 30.09.2013, 20:42 CEST:
I'm not an admin anymore so I can't defend my title :(
YethHound wrote at 30.09.2013, 21:02 CEST:
ez for 2GD
maximalist wrote at 30.09.2013, 21:02 CEST:
Starladder guys got this. If it is a feeding contest
Torchy wrote at 30.09.2013, 21:11 CEST:
LGD Managing squad : Sayuri + 2200, ez
benderok37 wrote at 30.09.2013, 21:16 CEST:
staff cup aka boring cup
TideisSyllainDiguise wrote at 30.09.2013, 21:30 CEST:
Carn from CS :D
bergstrom wrote at 30.09.2013, 21:31 CEST:
yeeeeeeeeeeeey a cup where people cant play, only thing im excited about is 2gd streaming the match
Dyspathy wrote at 30.09.2013, 21:31 CEST:
2GD studio got this .. why aren't Beyond the Summit and Sheever in this.. should be a lot of fun.. looking forward to this
v0lumE2H wrote at 30.09.2013, 21:31 CEST:
Maelstorm V1lat versuta casper m4trx? uSNP
AngelBeats wrote at 30.09.2013, 21:33 CEST:
ez 2gd !!! drazkill the most try hard ever !!! he is not bad !!
TheJuggernaut wrote at 30.09.2013, 21:45 CEST:
lol cArn from legendary cs 1.6 fnatic team :D
Izydor Czerstwy wrote at 30.09.2013, 21:48 CEST:
2gd got dis
Slappy--- wrote at 30.09.2013, 21:57 CEST:
GD Studio: Pyrion Flax, 2GD, Weppas, Draskyll, skrff
atph120890 wrote at 30.09.2013, 22:01 CEST:
the good studio , draskyl ftw !
Rancore wrote at 30.09.2013, 22:04 CEST:
why isn´t bts there ? they got merlini so insta win^^ and i´m sure lumi wouldn´t be that bad aswell :D
Kibyu wrote at 30.09.2013, 22:08 CEST:
first merlini wouldnt be allowed ;)
second i ask BtS seraval times they cant play. Mb we will meet them in the next edition
Miineur wrote at 30.09.2013, 22:09 CEST:
Team GD Studio gogo!
fredchen777 wrote at 30.09.2013, 22:11 CEST:
noone else wondering about the GD Studio, PFlax and no Bruno? GD Studio disband?
Moukaneleos wrote at 30.09.2013, 22:11 CEST:
joinDOTA : Lineup TBA
anon3na wrote at 30.09.2013, 22:11 CEST:
no BTS = not watching
Drako159 wrote at 30.09.2013, 22:38 CEST:

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