The Dota 2 Champions League Announced

posted by Everx, 2 years ago
Natus Vincere and have announced a partnership between the two organizations earlier today for a new tournament: The Dota 2 Champions League. The top 10 teams from around the world will be invited to square off for a prize pool of $50,000. On top of the already healthy prize, 25% of the ticket sales will be added to increase the bounty that the league has to offer. This event is set to kick off on October 16th.

Both CEO's shared their thoughts on the upcoming tournament:

Natus Vincere’s CEO – ua Alexander "ZeroGravity" Kokhanovskyy:

“Our main goal will be making an online league, with a new level of quality. We believe that players and teams need to receive additional bonuses for participating in such projects, which will stimulate them to play on 200%. We are using Valve’s technique as well, and we are sure that crowd funding should become a part of any big tournament.”

Comment from’s CEO – ru Anton "Sneg1" Cherepennikov:

“All the workers of our project, starting with the management, play DotA and really like the game. When we planned the league, our main goal was making a quality product for both viewers and participants."

The ten teams will be divided into two groups to compete in a best of three round robin format. The groupstage is followed by a best of three relegation between the second and third placed team and finally best of five semifinals and grand final.

Sources: DotA 2 Champions League, Na'vi Gaming, Virtus Pro

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sladjan0402 wrote at 27.09.2013, 01:58 CEST:
GMGkaiser wrote at 27.09.2013, 01:59 CEST:
first too lml
IDTIDAKVALID wrote at 27.09.2013, 02:01 CEST:
Miineur wrote at 27.09.2013, 02:02 CEST:
jagajama wrote at 27.09.2013, 02:04 CEST:
no invite for r[A]t doto please!
mahukitu wrote at 27.09.2013, 02:05 CEST:
Should be heroes league.
crn wrote at 27.09.2013, 02:08 CEST:
good news, another great tournament to follow
SwedishMafiA wrote at 27.09.2013, 02:26 CEST:
its a great news for esports and to all teams participating. With this bo3 format and bo5 at finals, it will surely picks the deserving team to advance.
Thumbs up for Navi and Vp org. for colaborating to make 1good tournament like this.
ShindoHikaru wrote at 27.09.2013, 02:28 CEST:
mahukitu wrote:
Should be heroes league.
Musicalferdy wrote at 27.09.2013, 02:30 CEST:
VP will get thrashed in their own tournament, poor guys
SleepingMonster wrote at 27.09.2013, 02:55 CEST:
Top 10 team around the world...DK got this #DKRoadTI4
Dronza01 wrote at 27.09.2013, 03:10 CEST:
"Our main goal will be making an online league..."
Is this a non-LAN tournament? Means no DK?
D1FFERENCE wrote at 27.09.2013, 03:21 CEST:
Easy money for Alliance
StarkReality wrote at 27.09.2013, 03:25 CEST:
Dronza01 wrote:
"Our main goal will be making an online league..."
Is this a non-LAN tournament? Means no DK?

It is just beginning. I think LAN we will see soon(maybe after first season).
enlight10ment wrote at 27.09.2013, 04:04 CEST:
I agree with the top 10 teams in the world part. I'm just confused why VP is there.
gam3r23 wrote at 27.09.2013, 04:52 CEST:
EEsama not gonna have any mercy BibleThump
axeadi wrote at 27.09.2013, 04:52 CEST:
no doubt, na'vi is the best doto management in the world!!
Cashymodo wrote at 27.09.2013, 05:14 CEST:
Alliance, Natus Vincere, (ex Kaipi), Virtus.Pro, Evil Geniuses, DK, Invictus Gaming,, Titan (ex Orange), Mineski (Kappa Kappa)
MrPrince wrote at 27.09.2013, 05:32 CEST:
ez money for mufc
MetojenTR wrote at 27.09.2013, 06:38 CEST:
final DK vs [A]
[A] win.
DkN- wrote at 27.09.2013, 06:44 CEST:
Good news for our scene.

garabilagan wrote at 27.09.2013, 06:57 CEST:
IG got this
atph120890 wrote at 27.09.2013, 07:00 CEST:
NaVi fanboys still pissed that [A] won TI 3 ?
farlow25 wrote at 27.09.2013, 07:13 CEST:
If it's top 10 teams from around the world then VP shouldn't be invited to their own tournament.
ellabella wrote at 27.09.2013, 07:13 CEST:
Would read again! Ever 2 g.

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