Fragbite Masters announced w/ $31,000 prizepool

posted by Sun_Tzu, 2 years ago
After last year's THOR Open, Swedish e-Sports site is back with a new online tournament for the end of the year, splitting it's time between three titles with the qualifiers and groupstages of Dota 2 to be played in October, followed by the Finals from the 10th to 11th of December.

The Fragbite Masters will be a half-invite half-qualifier tournament where Dota 2 is taking the top billing with it's 200,000 SEK (~$31,000) prizepool, ahead of StarCraft 2's 160,000 SEK and CS:GO's 140,000 SEK. Qualifiers for the tournament will run over the first two weeks of October, followed by groupstages being played over the second two weeks of October, matching qualifier and invited teams for the right to partake in the finals in December. The schedule is easily visualized here.

Few other details have been made available, except to say that livestreams will be available, asking any community casters to reach out to them who want to help covering the qualifiers. No further word about who will be contracted to cover the groupstage and finals for the event.

The prizepool is of note as it is the largest online prizepool for a Western Competition to date (ahead of The Defense 4 which had a $25,000 prizepool). It is also the second largest online prizepool overall, after the Alienware Cup's $60,000 first outing.


1. 100 000 SEK (~$15,500)
2. 50 000 SEK (~$7,700)
3. 20 000 SEK (~$3,100)
4. 8 000 SEK (~$1,200)
5-8. 5 500 SEK (~$900)

Sources: Fragbite Masters

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lukkers wrote at 22.08.2013, 10:39 CEST:
bonescrusher wrote at 22.08.2013, 10:40 CEST:
not bad
Artisten wrote at 22.08.2013, 10:41 CEST:

Edit; third.
MrPrince wrote at 22.08.2013, 10:42 CEST:
i hope KP gets invited, should be ez4ee
GizZm086 wrote at 22.08.2013, 10:42 CEST:
Ez money for [A]

Edit: If they get invited that is ^^
josipinho93 wrote at 22.08.2013, 10:42 CEST:
fkn nice, where can we sign up :D
joseturner wrote at 22.08.2013, 10:48 CEST:
Kappa per minute wrote at 22.08.2013, 10:54 CEST:
bolenart wrote at 22.08.2013, 11:01 CEST:
Chiara_T wrote at 22.08.2013, 11:16 CEST:
MrPrince wrote:
i hope KP gets invited, should be ez4ee

ee no money to go Кappa
they won't even try to qualify just like last dh
DerpLingT_T wrote at 22.08.2013, 11:18 CEST:
whats up with these increasing number of "First" and "Post Count" spammers on these forums , take some action please.
Uhrenmann wrote at 22.08.2013, 11:30 CEST:
Jappleack wrote at 22.08.2013, 11:35 CEST:
Coolio, good to see more and more $20K + tourneys
HeicPy wrote at 22.08.2013, 11:42 CEST:
siddharta wrote at 22.08.2013, 11:58 CEST:
Mustrum wrote at 22.08.2013, 12:20 CEST:
cakkeren wrote at 22.08.2013, 12:32 CEST:
Sweet Seventeenth
Badman wrote at 22.08.2013, 12:39 CEST:
Ez for [A]
HotNFluffy wrote at 22.08.2013, 12:50 CEST:
Nice, I'm happy to see swedish esport growing with new tournaments!
agruskos wrote at 22.08.2013, 14:16 CEST:
[A] won THOR Cup, when tehy were still NTH and won TI3, whoever wins this cup wins TI4

edited by agruskos at 22.08.2013, 14:24 CEST
Michyy wrote at 22.08.2013, 14:24 CEST:
agruskos wrote:
[A] won THOR Cup, when tehy were still NTH and won TI4, whoever wins this cup wins TI4

U mean they were second at Thor cup.........
Bazile wrote at 22.08.2013, 14:31 CEST:
GO [A]
Haroldas wrote at 22.08.2013, 15:22 CEST:
PokerStars sponsors? Da fuck
Remind13 wrote at 22.08.2013, 15:34 CEST:
[A] likely to play :)
TECHNOlogic wrote at 22.08.2013, 15:51 CEST:
gz frist retard comments :D

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