10.06.2012, 19:00 CEST
1 : 3


149 total bets placed


0:1 Shiba* wins!
1:0 Next* wins!
0:1 Shiba* wins!
0:1 Shiba* wins!

TaPo4Ke wrote at 10.06.2012, 18:31 CEST:
jon_hill987 wrote at 10.06.2012, 18:45 CEST:
C'mon mTw!
Odyn3k wrote at 10.06.2012, 18:46 CEST:
this is gonna be a hard game for mTw, but they can do it!
atomnuker wrote at 10.06.2012, 18:52 CEST:
Indeed, NEXT.kz are formidable. mTw are on a 2-0 roll like them so this is gonna be a huge game.
Barracuda1208 wrote at 10.06.2012, 18:53 CEST:
go NEXT.KZ !
Takumie wrote at 10.06.2012, 19:14 CEST:
when is this??
am i miss it??
because i cant find the room at dota 2...
collapsens wrote at 10.06.2012, 19:17 CEST:
NEXT.kz go go
Xakingas wrote at 10.06.2012, 20:05 CEST:
next.kz 0-1 mTw after 1st match :/
Steelvan wrote at 10.06.2012, 20:36 CEST:
mTw!!! Go!
Layne wrote at 10.06.2012, 20:42 CEST:
super boring game(s) so far.

edited by Layne at 10.06.2012, 21:07 CEST
ZoSo wrote at 10.06.2012, 21:16 CEST:
Makes me sick to watch morf in every single game of NEXT.kz ban him ang do GG with an early push strat!
Mex73 wrote at 10.06.2012, 22:11 CEST:
mTw 2 Next 1 In mTw we trust
derive wrote at 10.06.2012, 22:12 CEST:
kinda boring games but you know, its all or nothing so I understand.
asif105878 wrote at 10.06.2012, 22:25 CEST:
The stream is stuttering for me. there was no stuttering like this the last few days.
elizeu41 wrote at 10.06.2012, 22:46 CEST:
Who's winning? I'm on my smartphone and can't watch it :X
KlMpo wrote at 10.06.2012, 22:57 CEST:
Retards who are saying that es gave up, buying 7 soul rings, no understand that it is easy way of getting cash for dagger......
75% of sell value he ll get from selling soul ring recipe.
eliyac12 wrote at 10.06.2012, 23:16 CEST:
stupid recipe strategy , he could get dagger in 20minute but he get in the 30th minute.
GekoNs wrote at 10.06.2012, 23:17 CEST:
as I predicted - mTw!
derive wrote at 10.06.2012, 23:19 CEST:
nice, nice, mTw..GL in Seatle
Drrrrr wrote at 10.06.2012, 23:21 CEST:
wp mTw, deserved victory :)
CepbIu wrote at 10.06.2012, 23:29 CEST:
Ololo strat with recipes never work. Next just throw this game away =(
kemerover wrote at 10.06.2012, 23:33 CEST:
evermen wrote at 10.06.2012, 23:58 CEST:
ok NEXT.kz played well whole tournament for slot, but for real i was thinking never.kz gona take that slot... Congratulations to mTw and synderen, and now doesnt matter they never was my favorite team, and i never follow after them, BUT good luck in TI2 and i hope u will kick some chinese arses! Just u have to change tactics all together u have to surprise other teams (HOW?) your decision YOU ARE IN INTERNATIONAL do your best, i`m looking for interesting games, i`m NaVi fan and best of luck to you
evermen wrote at 11.06.2012, 00:07 CEST:
btw, i`m just womdering everyone hates chinese Dota but in chinese Dota qualifications have loads more comments why ? I`m european and my team is any Russian lng team, but i as a european fan understand that best in Dota are chinese, same as best in SC2 Korenians
Axladas wrote at 11.06.2012, 10:25 CEST:
Dissapointing play by Next.Kz. They weren't focused enough, maybe cause they played at 4 am in the morning.

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