The Defense #1 - Upper-Bracket Final
26.02.2012, 19:00 CET
0 : 2


757 total bets placed


0:1 Na`Vi wins!
0:1 Na`Vi wins!

schadal wrote at 18.02.2012, 18:56 CET:
That match is gonna be legendary!
k2jl5p wrote at 19.02.2012, 19:36 CET:
Na'Vi .. all the way..!! but this is going to be so much fun...!
Mr.Jesus wrote at 21.02.2012, 01:09 CET:
Can't wait for this match. It's going to be such an interesting one to watch. I want to see a pudge from dendi in this match ;) haha
netfusion wrote at 22.02.2012, 11:27 CET:
first up @ 17cet, navi vs coL, then this..gonna be epic night
dokgu wrote at 23.02.2012, 19:24 CET:
Na'Vi go go go!!
achiko wrote at 23.02.2012, 22:06 CET:
It feels a little like Na'Vi vs. MyM in the old days before The International
V4rzil wrote at 24.02.2012, 07:22 CET:
4-5 epic matches this day... 17cet coL vs Na`Vi and then EG vs Na'Vi, lets see how Na'Vi will perform! i wish them all luck! gogo Na'Vi!! :D
Nox- wrote at 26.02.2012, 03:45 CET:
CLASH OF THE TITANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LTSmash wrote at 26.02.2012, 07:43 CET:
dude you got it all wrong its supposed to be:
legen.... wait for it

Aprior1.MoneY wrote at 26.02.2012, 10:25 CET:
cant decide which to bet T_T
Rainmaker wrote at 26.02.2012, 11:00 CET:
Son of a mother duck ! A hell of a bo3 game ! 10 k viewers or no ballz ?
RaffyS wrote at 26.02.2012, 14:20 CET:
Hope EG win unless Dendi gets Pudge, then I hope Navi win.
Jesus7 wrote at 26.02.2012, 16:29 CET:
Jukeministeri wrote at 26.02.2012, 16:47 CET:
Rainmaker wrote:
Son of a mother duck ! A hell of a bo3 game ! 10 k viewers or no ballz ?

10k easy.

Betting Na`Vi
Medi wrote at 26.02.2012, 17:07 CET:
im eg/maelk fan but dendi is just the freaking best dotaplayer in the world so it will be verry hard:)
dobro894 wrote at 26.02.2012, 18:48 CET:
navi greatest team in the world sadly chinese team mostly sure not go to dota2 so sad almost no team can challenge navi at the moment
_M0T_ wrote at 26.02.2012, 18:53 CET:
I think chances are 50:50
Will.KL wrote at 26.02.2012, 19:53 CET:
Actually close game one with both teams able to win for a long time. But than few mistakes made one loose map control = lost. Hoping for amazing second game. All i can say holly shit...... amazing.
RussianMotherFucker wrote at 26.02.2012, 20:31 CET:
Navi kill all!!
Mikeylicious wrote at 26.02.2012, 21:00 CET:
Voidrofl wrote at 26.02.2012, 21:00 CET:
SnY CM,Dagon SK lol xD
Professional trolling by Na'Vi
VlaDiSlave wrote at 26.02.2012, 21:03 CET:
NO Comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NA'VI does not see competitors!!!!!!!!!!!!!))))))))))))
FIREINMYVEINS wrote at 26.02.2012, 21:37 CET:
Post comment
S1nTr0p wrote at 27.02.2012, 07:25 CET:
Sand King Godness by Dendi 8{
kingkard wrote at 02.03.2012, 15:40 CET:
where can i watch this replay?

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