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Whats happening in the Dota world that everyone needs to know!
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I Surrender!
22 hours ago
Dota Media
When nothing is on TV!
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w8 me Dota 2 - Yo...
2 hours ago
Broadcast Discussion
Talk about or share your favorite Dota broadcasts!
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Oldschool Player ...
7 hours ago
Off Topic and Help
Ah, the great outdoors!
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Really valve?
7 hours ago
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State of the Game
Discuss the professional state of the competitive scene!
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DotA Camera problems
2 days ago
Teams and Players
Be proud to be a fanboy, groupie or just strong supporter!
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Burden United Tea...
37 minutes ago
The International 2015
Lets start the hype!
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Who will be the n...
22 hours ago
A place to discuss all competitive Dota matches and tournaments!
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Battle of Champions
19 hours ago
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joinDOTA Guides
Your hero guides, your strategy guides, any guide related to Dota!
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Lionize me! - Dre...
4 days ago
Strategy and General Mechanics
One lane at a time!
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Bonus Gold
1 day ago
Heroes and Items
Talk about your favorite hero or item!
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heroic drop
5 hours ago
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Places to Play
Promote your tournament, IHL or open matches!
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BASECAMP Amateur ...
1 day ago
People to Play with
Gather, recruit, apply, play together!
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EU- Looking for a...
3 minutes ago
Shop and Workshop Threads/Posts Last post
Show off your ideas or discuss someone elses!
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Pudge - Loading S...
15 days ago
Item Trade
Trade with the community!
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Brawl items.
7 days ago
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Feedback and Support
For wishes and problems regarding joinDOTA!
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Display prizepool...
18 hours ago