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02:51 by HolyMaster

No Tidehunter really did it! They won two games in a row and take gold and 100.000SEK. Not much to add. If you haven't watched it live, make sure you check the vods tomorrow. It's been a great tournament at Dreamhack once again. Goodbye.

21:56 by HolyMaster

A convincing victory puts EG into the lead, 1:0. There will be a break now thought, because the players are moving to the big stage in the Dream Arena. Can NoTide turn it around?

19:19 by HolyMaster

EG repeats their strong performance from yesterday by kicking fnatic out of the competition. The Americans really stepped up after a mediocre groupstage. Also noteworthy is the fact that all playoffs went 2:0 so far. EG and nth will face each other a second time later, in the grand final. The Swedes had the upper hand during the eliminaries, but that won't matter, when these two teams fight for the title in a bit over an hour.

16:30 by HolyMaster

And now Empire is out. Both CIS giants are eliminated. Impressive play from No Tidehunter, another 2:0 brings them into the grand final without a single loss. The first game has been one of the most exciting in the tournament so far. fnatic vs EG coming soon.

20.11.2012 - Groupstage

20.11.2012 - Before we leave

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